How long for CCW PERMIT
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Thread: How long for CCW PERMIT

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    How long for CCW PERMIT

    Just was curious for people in ohio, how long it took to get their permit from their SO. I live in Cuyahoga County?


  3. CCW- Williams County

    I've had two...The original in 2005 and the renewel in 2009.Williams has a lady do all the CCW processing..and she,s a peach. I called to make an appointment on Friday around noon. The gal told me to come over anytime before closing(4;30). I arrived at 3:00PM, did the paperwork, took my photo, paid my fee andf I was out of there in 30 minutes. Pickup time was the following Monday after 9:00AM. On my renewel it was a little slower due to "backed up in Columbus". I started on Friday but had to wait till Thursday to pick it up.However, Williams County is really the exception because the Sheriff is pro gun pro CCW. Some jurisdictions with anti-gun sheriffs can hold them up for 30-45 days just to be mean. You'll get it because they have to issue it if everything is in order. If your local is anti call any or all of your adjoining counties and check with them.Its legal in Ohio to get your CCW from an adjoining county. Hope this helps.

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    not long

    I got mine a few years ago in Franklin county i two went in on friday and was ready on Monday. I was 22 I or 23 at the time so background check was short.

  5. I live in Cuyahoga and went to Lorain county last month. It took 3 days.

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