Carry at work when work doesn't allow it
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Thread: Carry at work when work doesn't allow it

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    Carry at work when work doesn't allow it

    The place of my employment does not allow employees to carry weapons. In the employee handbook it states all weapons must be left in the employees car. Would you carry anyways? "out of sight out of mind" or would you honor their rules and not carry?

    The company has no restrictions on the customers carrying, so that is good. I have been working there for a month now. I have been carrying. Should I stop, or risk getting caught?

    I believe its not up to them to decide if I can defend myself...i carry a p238 completely concealed. No one has any idea. What are your thoughts?

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    How important is it that you keep your job? My employer has a no weapons policy on property. You get caught, you loose your job.

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    I value my right to defend myself, but I also value my livelihood, and while I know that just about everyone here would would disagree with me, I'd obey it if my employer had a no gun policy, especially if the job had excellent pay and benefits. I'd take a job with excellent pay and benefits and a no gun policy over unemployment any day.

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    As the song says"You Cant always Get What You Want". Just remember that in the current economy ANY job is a good job.

  6. Don't get caught. You should honor your company's policy and not carry on the job. I have a similar situation at work, I don't carry there.

  7. Assuming you are otherwise legal you can't be charged with anything.

    However it is grounds for dismissal if you're caught. If they ask you to leave. You should leave Immediately. Quietly. Without argument. Otherwise you face an open and shut trespassing charge.

    It all depends on how bad you want the job.

    Now matter how well you conceal you can always be caught.

    If you run afoul of another employee (office politics) they can make accusations against you if they even suspect you carry. An employee lied and said he saw me with a pistol on the property and that I went out to my car (so they'd search my car too). They arrested me. Searched me and my car. And then had to release me because they couldn't find a Pistol. Eventually realized they'd been played.

    If there's a bomb threat made at your business they could bring in the dogs and you'll be caught.

    If another (unrelated) crime occurs on the property you could be searched as a matter of Police Investigation.

    If you become ill and pass out you will be found out.

    Then of course if you ever need to use the pistol you'll be found out.

    Plus advancements in Magnetic Resonance or Millimeter Radar technology will eventually be able to catch you as you walk through the door. Though not for a few years. But they might install this without prior warning.

    You have to assess the Risk and the reward yourself.

    Good luck!

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    I would say it is a personal decision to carry at the work place, if it is restricted.

    I think you need to balance it out. Do you need a job? Do you feel secure at your job? also something not mentioned here good are you at concealing your gun??

    so think about it hard and long. I personally carry at my work, but I also carry a kel-tec PF9 and it does not show at all been doing it for years now...Again this is my personal choice and I'm not advocating carrying at the workplace if you do not want to. Or if you do not feel 100% comfortable in your ability to conceal your firearm, then just do not do it or leave it in the car.

    Good luck and do that soul shearching my friend.... but also remember you always take a risk of getting caught with again it is up to you.
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    Just a thoughtful question. Does ANYONE know who you are by username? Anyone can access this forum and find out, because you posted it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple:199304
    How important is it that you keep your job? My employer has a no weapons policy on property. You get caught, you loose your job.

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    Ask the boss if you can carry. I know some places requires written permission to carry.

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