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    The kind of people who let dangerous dogs run loose are the same ones who let their children grow up to be thugs and terrorize their neighbors. Both of them wonder why their dogs get shot for chasing people or why their kids get shot for trying to rob people.[/QUOTE]

    All dogs can be dangerous, just like all people can be dangerous. I agree, irresponsible people let their pets and kids run wild. Defending yourself is defending yourself. Easy as that.[/QUOTE]

    I wish most thought this way. We have had Pits since I was a kid growing up and I'm in my 40's now. My wife has done Pit Bull Rescue for over 13 years now. The Media has done so many things to make the GUN and PITS a dangerous tool on its own without holding the person with either of them accountable. We have never had one issue with any of our dogs even the bad ones we get. Even though some were not able to be rehabilitated and we had to put them down because of a previous owners actions with the dog. We only have two now and they are ours and I wouldnt trade them for anything. They are trained very well and will not leave our side even when walking on our property with us or the kids. We consider our dogs our first line of defense while at home and if they are on leash. So next time consider the source before you judge the breed. Any Breed can be mean if mis-treated. People need to understand that Pits have such a high prey drive and they need to be treated with respect as does a firearm no matter what type you are dealing with.
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    This has happened twice in Colorado the past couple of months. I don't remember the article exactly byrmt they both justified in statements that they felt there lives were in danger and shot thhe dogs. Animals rights groups tried to go after one of them but couldn't prove the dogs were not out of control

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    Out in the country where I live stray dogs are shot on sight. This happens because city people abandon their dogs in the country - the dogs go wild, gather in packs, and kill anything smaller than a cow: a couple of people were killed by these packs last year, one was a lady tending her garden.
    Remember this: one dog you can take down, even without a gun. But if in a pack, get up a tree and pick them off from there (and carry an extra loaded magazine).

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    I have come across so many dogs in my lifetime and I only recall being bitten once and it was by a Collie. Living in Chicago dogs are everywhere and they get loose all the time. Since I am robbed of my liberties I have found other ways of defending myself. I also like to think I have developed pretty good judgment when a dog comes running up to me whether or not he is friendly. If I had the option I wouldn't hesitate to shoot a dog but I would use the best of my judgement before doing so.
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    When walking my dog and I encounter one who will hurt me and mine, I will not hesitate to shoot. Plain and simple.
    "Don't let the door hit ya where the dawg shudda bit ya!"
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  7. I hate to say it: if its Fido or Me, Fido is going down.

  8. I have a full bred pitt bull who is not dangerous one bit. He does run towards people and dogs which I am working on training him as he is still a puppy. He just turned a year. He has never even snapped at a person let alone me or my husband or children. There are extremely small children next door and those kids love my dog and my dog loves them. If anybody ever shot my dog b/c he came running towards them to check them out... that's what he does... if you yell @ him he seriously gets hurt feelings... if anybody shot my dog for being his playful puppy self I would be madder than a hornet and I would probably whoop their behind... putting it nicely. Pitts are not bad dogs. They aren't evil or vicious. The only reason people think that is b/c the media caught wind of blacks dog fighting them and demonized them as horrible and vicious and they aren't. If you raise them to be vicious they will be, but typically speaking they are sweet loving loyal dogs! For all you pitt haters try researching their history. Presidents have had them. The military used them and they were used in WWI & WWII war posters. At one time until the 80s, pitts were America's dog. Don't just assume they are evil. I have been attacked by rottweilers and required stitches and all kinds of medical attention for me and my dog, but I'm still not scared of them and I don't condemn the breed. It was just those 2 dogs. It would almost be like being a racists... and saying well I knew this one or two black, mexican, white, whatever color you want and they acted like this so that entire race must be that way... that's stupid. Dogs know when you are afraid and they try to use to dominate you. Change your vibe don't be afraid and they will act different. They will submit to your dominance without you having to kill them or beat them. Learn dog language seriously. That's somebody's pet you're killing and for no better reason than you let your fear get the better of you. You might be a fantastic shot, but if you can't think standing on your feet instead of with your first reaction of shooting it then maybe you shouldn't be packing heat until you figure out how to think on your feet. If its a last resort that is absolutely necessary then that's one thing, but shooting a dog just b/c it got loose ... that is no reason or excuse and I would see you in court @ least twice... once for beating you down and the other for punitive damages for killing my dog.

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    It would seem ill advised to attack the person that just shot your dog. Just saying.

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    Already stated my feelings about dogs and how they are raised, have a friend and have owned so call bad dogs, no better or worse than the friendly folks roaming in society, I have owned and handled large dogs, and have no issue with them, however; anyone or thing attacking me or my family will be STOPPED from doing so by whatever means necessary.

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