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  1. carrying in a commercial vehicle

    I have an Ohio ccw and my PA one. Is it legal to carry in a commercial vehicle?

  3. So long as you're in compliance with state and local law, yes.

    There is nothing in the FMCSA rules which prohibit carrying a firearm or ammunition.

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    As you're asking this in the concealed carry discussion section there's 2 things that might prevent you carrying in a CMV.
    The first one is whether your permit is recognized in whatever State you are in (for example, your permits might be good while in OH and PA but if you have to go to MD or NY what will you do), the second possible barrier is the company policy of whoever you work for or are leased on to.
    However, there are no federal laws specifically preventing a firearm being carried by the driver of a CMV.

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    What they said ^

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    I carry in my commercial vehicle with no problems. I have been stopped by the Okla DOT and showed him the permit. He asked if I had a gun in the truck, I told him yes. He never said another word about it. I should have asked him about carrying over state lines, but was more wrapped up in the overweight ticket I was getting! (dammit!! lol) I was told in my ccw class, that carrying over state lines in a commercial vehicle was not legal. I have not verified that as of yet.

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    As for the legality of crossing state lines my only thought would be 'is my conceal permit recognized in the 2 states either side of the line I'm crossing?'. Driving a CMV is regulated on a Federal level so why would they make a rule saying you couldn't cross from one state to another. It's my belief that whoever told you it's illegal most likely has no understanding of commercial vehicles or their drivers and is just another person who buys into the mistaken belief that commercial drivers are forbidden by US Law to carry, when really they're usually restricted by their employers' policies.

  8. ^^^--- what he said :)

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