Can I carry locked and unloaded?
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Thread: Can I carry locked and unloaded?

  1. Can I carry locked and unloaded?

    Can I carry locked and unloaded in Alabama, Georgia and Texas with a Alabama license?

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    What would be the point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Profisher777:200598
    What would be the point?
    Yeah, why if you're legal to carry, would you want to keep your weapon unloaded and unavailable?

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    Pretty expensive club.
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    First off, a little bit of looking you could save you time. At the top of the page is a button "carry maps" take a look. you select your state and it will tell you what states honor you licence. yes you can carry in georgia and texas, BUT. dont forget about the federal law prohibiting carry within 1000 feet of a school.

    second, how are you going to rack the slide in those one handed situations? ie shot in the arm

    with my gun i cant put on the saftey on with the hammer down (single action 1911)

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    There are safe ways to carry with a round in the chamber. Being that the bad guy is the "offender" making the first move, you, the defender, are already in a reactive position.

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    Unless otherwise you are well versed in the Israeli draw, always have your gun available to shoot right then and there when the occasion calls for it. Or else, just leave it home and use it as a paperweight.
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    If you do not have a ccw
    permit recognized by the state you are in, Carrying locked/ unloaded is most likely a criminal offense. If you have a recognized ccwp, You are legal.

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