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    Not happy

    Just wanted to vent, I was scheduled for my ccw class for tomorrow (saturday 5/14) its a one day course.....and I just got a call that it is canceled ....I'm so angry ! I have been waiting forever for this now I have to wait longer.....

    Sorry just wanted to vent !

  3. I hear ya. It quite literally took me close to 4 years before I was able to get my work schedule to line up with a class! And then I had to deal with difficulties trying to get to the Sheriff's Office (between them being crazy busy and my work schedule again)! It can be a hard road!

    Don't worry, you'll get there eventually!

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    3,445 patient...we had to schedule our son's CCW class in between holidays. I finally got him one two Christmases ago and he hated it. We didn't enroll him where hubby and I did ours because they didn't have a schedule at the time so we looked for another one and found one at a gun show. Nevertheless he was just happy to have done it and now he has his permit -- from Florida. Have you ever tried tyng to pin jelly to a tree? That's our son...
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    Thats too bad they canceled on you. Did they give you a reason why it was canceled? If it was due to low number of people signing up, I'd find another place to go through. If I have a class scheduled, and only have 1 person sign up for it, I am still holding that class! It's unfair for the other people who had to likely adjust their schedules to get into that class.

    Plus if someone were to call me up or drop me an email asking if I was free to teach a class on a non scheduled day, if I have the time, I'm doing the class. Even instructors gain something out of teaching more classes. More experience teaching, more time on the range helping others gain some experience, plus being more flexable adds some free bonus points for advertising. People with good experiences will tell others about the good experience. Its a win win situation for both sides.
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    Her said it was due to personal reasons.....i am rescheduled for next saturday.....

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