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    Going down I95, it won't be hard to tell when you're getting close to the South Carolina state line, you'll be seeing "South of the Border" ads for MILES. Pedro, and a billion half-wit jingle billboards, sombreros, donkeys on billboards.... And when you get to the place, tacky pastels, rides, gift shops...right on the border. I've got a NC permit, recognized in SC, and I wouldn't stop there if I couldn't carry! OBTW, gas prices drop a bunch in SC, if you can wait till you're out of NC for that, Raleigh will be out a buttload of your money for gas taxes!

    USA National Gas Price Heat Map - GasBuddy.com

  3. Go easy on us in Vermont. Anyone who visits can cary whatever they like. We don't require permits in Vermont for open or concealed carry.

    That is why Vermont is often shown as not offerning reciprocity, when actually we do.

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