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  • Winchester

    28 17.18%
  • Federal

    26 15.95%
  • Hornady

    59 36.20%
  • CCI

    7 4.29%
  • Remington

    17 10.43%
  • other

    26 15.95%
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Thread: What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your EDC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachdb18 View Post
    Varies, but have settled upon Prvi Partisan as my preference. Inexpensive, and high power (the data indicate it has 720 ft/lbs energy in a .357 Magnum SJHP load at 158 gr). Switch to FMJ for my camping and kayaking outings, since there is always the possibility of encountering bears, and penetration into a very tough animal is more crucial I'm told.
    I will keep that information in mind for my next hike. I have been living in the Poconos for over 5 years, and I am still the only one in my family of 5 that has not seen a bear here.

    However, I have seen the bobcat, that isn't supposed to exist, twice!

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    Western South Dakota
    Black Hills Ammo .40S&W 180 gr JHP (XTP bullet, for those interested)

    One big reason is to support a local industry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    Remington Golden Saber (because of the limitations of the USA Carry app for Android, I wasn't able to vote in the poll).
    +1 for Golden Saber in 9mm and .45

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    Golden Saber for my LCP .380 and my .41Mag Blackhawk is always Buffalo Bore hardcast when I'm in the woods.

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    Winchester SXT for .40 S&W
    Winchester PDX1 for .45ACP

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    It is tough for me to pick just one. I have multiple firearms I carry depending on the situation, and I don't always use the same brand of ammo for each.

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    I used to use a mixture of Hydra-Shock, SXT, and others.

    Over the last two years I have standardized to Gold-Dot with some HST+P thrown in!

    I can make Gold-Dot handloads so I fill my emergency stock with those.


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    Different guns, different ammo.

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    Buffalo Bore.

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    Federal Hydra-shok+P+ 124gr. I get it fairly cheap $22.95 box of 50. You can really feel the kick compaired to practice ball ammo. and it was recommended by LE friend of mind who uses it in his duty weapon...A GLOCK like mine. It is very accurate when I do my part..
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