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View Poll Results: What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your Every Day Carry?

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  • Winchester

    28 17.18%
  • Federal

    26 15.95%
  • Hornady

    59 36.20%
  • CCI

    7 4.29%
  • Remington

    17 10.43%
  • other

    26 15.95%
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Thread: What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your EDC?

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    I EDC a snubby (642 or 637) so I carry Hornady .38 Spcl JHP/XTP. I went with this load because of penetration and accuracy.

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    hornady critical defense .45 185gr and when I carry my .357 SIG- hornady 124gr XTP JHP

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    9mm Black Talon g19, gold dot le 165gn 40cal mini cougar

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    Whatever's on sale. I've got some Remington Golden Saber in my .45 1911(185gr) and S&W M&P9c(147gr)...

    I have Speer Gold Dot in my TCP .380(95gr I think)

    I've got a 9mm mag with Power Ball rounds in it! It was on sale for like 12 bucks for 20rds or something like that.

    I've got Remington UMC SJHP in my two .38 Specials... it's 125gr +p rounds I believe.

    I don't believe that I need to have the "best" personal defense round in my gun to drop somebody...

    2 or 3 rounds of FMJ in the chest will stop you in your tracks... I've yet to see proof otherwise.
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  7. Hornady Critical Defense

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    There seems to be some question as to why hand loads might be a bad idea. To start with, when the crime scene people look at the forensics they may not come up with the right answer. Each powder, primer, and bullet combination is going to leave slightly different traces. If they use the data from factory ammo with the same "head stamp" it might not compare favorably with your story. Without factory ammo of the same lot to compare it to you could be in big trouble. You also give the DA ammo (pun intended) to prosecute you with. He may use this to paint you as some gun crazed nut, so anxious to shoot someone that you made these super killer rounds. If you get a hand loader on the jury you might do okay but that is not a die I care to roll. I also used to carry hand loads till this was pointed out to me. Read what Massad Ayoob has to say on the subject, he says it far better than I can. We must be good enough with our gun to survive a gun fight. Having survived a gun fight we need to survive the legal system.

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    Hornady Critical Defense

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    Winchester Ranger 127gr T-series +P+ for my full-sized, & Ranger 147gr T-series in my EDC.
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