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View Poll Results: What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your Every Day Carry?

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  • Winchester

    28 17.18%
  • Federal

    26 15.95%
  • Hornady

    59 36.20%
  • CCI

    7 4.29%
  • Remington

    17 10.43%
  • other

    26 15.95%
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Thread: What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your EDC?

  1. I use Hornady Critical Defense Ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachdb18 View Post
    Unless there's something I don't know here, if you're in a situation where you have to use your weapon, are you really going to just offer up the fact that your ammo was reloaded? If the casing is all that remains after you fire a shot, and the original branding remains the same as what it was when the factory load was first fired in that case, it isn't going to be a question. Am I missing something here?
    I would not attempt or even have the intent in my mind to mislead an investigation into a self defense shooting. I think it would be a pretty safe guess that an LEO at the scene might look over your gun, ammo or casings and at least ask "you were using Winchester XYZ right?" based on what he saw. If you say "yes" or even nod your head at that point knowing you were using hand-loads you just lied to an officer conducting an investigation. Even if the shooting was justified you could have just hung yourself on other charges for that one. If you want to survive the legal aftermath of a shooting the way to do that would be to be as honest and forthcoming about everything as you possibly can. As has been pointed out in subsequent posts, the forensics investigators will find out if you really were using the ammo matching the headstamp on the casing or not. No reason to try to hide it from them.

    The old cliche "innocent men don't run" applies here; run = hiding information.

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    I voted "other" because I carry different loads for different purposes.

    .32acp S&B FMJ

    .380acp Remington Home Defense 102 gr JHP

    9mm Corbon DPX

    .38 Special, 158 LSWC-HP Speer loaded over a full charge (non +P) of SR-4756. I'll let you look up "full charge" on your own for liability reasons. I go with the full charge per the powder manufacturer.

    .357 Magnum Corbon DPX

    .40 S&W 150 gr Nosler JHP over a full charge of Power Pistol

    10mm 150 gr Nosler JHP over a full charger of 800-X. Field use, 180 gr Federal FMJ

    .45acp 185 gr Nosler JHP over a full charge of SR-4756. Alternatively, 230 gr Remington Home Defense or 230 gr Hornady XTP over a full charge of SR-4756. Have also carried the Fiocci load using the 230 gr XTP as well has the Hornady Factory loads. All three Glocks are currently loaded with the first listed load.

    .45 Colt, 250 gr LSWC with as much Triple 7 as I can get into the case.

    I have also used a lot of Hornady Factory Loads in all calibers and have no problems using them.

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    typically carry speer gold dots... but on occasion i do change it up, and use federal hst and hornady critical defense.

  6. ammunition

    I use Extreme Shock DPR 185grain for my 45cal. Very expensive but do ur research online to compare ammo. These rounds were 62$ for a box of 50, but I don't put a price on my life or the life of others.

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    Remington home defense bjhp (brass jacketed hollow point) 180gr .40

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    Any ammunition made in the USA is the best ammunition you can use. e.g., CorBon, CCi, Federal, Hornady, Winchester, Remington, etc., I use Remington Golden Sabers for home defense and CC. Although when it comes to hunting with rifle or handgun it is Hornady
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    Hornady Critical Defense .45 in both 185gr FTX and 230gr XTP +P.

  10. I second Horkos. Critical in the winter, rangers in the spring , summer, fall.

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    am i allowed to bump this? =)
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