What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your EDC?

View Poll Results: What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your Every Day Carry?

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  • Winchester

    28 17.18%
  • Federal

    26 15.95%
  • Hornady

    59 36.20%
  • CCI

    7 4.29%
  • Remington

    17 10.43%
  • other

    26 15.95%
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Thread: What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your EDC?

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    What Brand of Defensive Ammunition Do You Use in Your EDC?

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    Remington Golden Saber (because of the limitations of the USA Carry app for Android, I wasn't able to vote in the poll).

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    I go with mostly Hornady Critical Defense. Sometimes I switch it up and go with Winchester Ranger.

  5. Winchester PDX1. 180gr.

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    Varies, but have settled upon Prvi Partisan as my preference. Inexpensive, and high power (the data indicate it has 720 ft/lbs energy in a .357 Magnum SJHP load at 158 gr). Switch to FMJ for my camping and kayaking outings, since there is always the possibility of encountering bears, and penetration into a very tough animal is more crucial I'm told.

  8. Depends on what gun I'm carrying that day. I voted Federal because more of my guns like Federal loads than any of the others mentioned.

    I choose my carry load based on what shoots best (100% reliable plus the best accuracy) and every gun I have likes something different (even the ones that are identical).

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    I voted "other" because I get what I can afford at any given time. I'm not partial to any one specific ammo.

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    I carry my own reloads. They are not what you
    think, however. I carry real light loads because
    the .44 special Charter Arms revolver I carry
    isn't a very strong weapon. I believe in carrying
    what you practice with and I practice a lot.
    If I fired the factory ammo, the little gun would
    fall apart again.
    The Second Amendment is NOT about hunting!

  11. Recent switch

    After hearing that the FBI has recently switched all of their ammunition needs to Winchester PDX1(personal defence ammo)regardless of caliber, I did a little research on my own and found out this ammo has outstanding penetration along with excellent expansion in all calibers in which it is made.My choice is the 130gr JHP +P for my varied Airweight S&W's. I bought mine at Cabelas and they only had four boxes, two of which I bought. The salesman told me all of the available calibers were on backorder.

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