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  1. Tennessee its called HCP (Handgun Carry Permit) and we can OC and CC.
    Most HCP instructors recommend CC because most people freak out seeing a weapon if you're not a LEO.

    Personally, before I started carrying, I enjoyed seeing people OC cause I wanted to see what they carried.
    It helped me decide what I wanted to carry.

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    JSDinTexas Guest
    I have been around guns a long time, but when I started carrying Glocks I would not chamber a round. Now I wouldn't go without a round chambered. My next concern was exposing the firearm. I got over that too.
    Build proficiency, build experience, and confidence will soon follow.

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    Yep- I remember the first time I carried in public in a restaurant... I thought EVERYONE knew I was carrying and that they were watching me!! Paranoid much?!?!
    I use a SmartCarry and NOBODY knows I'm packing.

    Now, after a while you'll forget you've even got it with you (until you need it).

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