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  1. Get a lawyer or move to a town with less restrictions. When I lived in Mass. I had to move to get a Class A without a lawyer. Contact GOAL for references and good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    BC1, could be the reason he was denied, Medical condition. Just saying, not supporting the Chief.
    mappow, yes I considered that in my thinking. I've had three cardiac surgeries in three years and still maintain an unrestricted permit in NY. I'm regularly teaching PP clases as well. I was once asked by the judge if my condition impaired my ability to use a firearm. In considering issues of disability, licensing officers generally look for medical conitions that impair dexterity or cognitive brain functioning. In this case I believe if he can substantiate that he is unable to defend himself due to a cardiac condition he may be able to cinvince the chief. In performing permit upgrade services I regularly see unrestricted permits issued to persons in wheelchairs. In personal protection the standard of the reasonable man (which is a subjective opinion) changes based on a persons physial abilities. In many states such as NY, those without means of protecting themselves such as the elderly or disabled may use deadly physical force sooner than a young, healthy individual.


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    Quote Originally Posted by unbelieveable MA View Post
    Hello All, First time in this chat. I live in Massachusetts and it is absolutely nuts when it comes to obtaining a license to carry concealed. I am a 53 year old disabled male bad heart and knee. So I applied for my class a large capacity license to carry under all lawful purpouses. Which it has to say so that you can carry concealed anywhere. I never thought I would have any trouble obtaining it because I had one in the 80's for protection of life and property. Well anyways I let it expire when I moved out of state. Well I have moved back to my hometown again which is worse then when I left. I specificly filed for for all lawful purposes when I applied.It went to tha Ma State Police then the FBI then the licensing board. The chief in this city has total control who gets one and who doesn't. Well he put down restricted for target and hunting. This really ticked me off.Why go through this 6 weeks of protocall for the chief to make the dicission no matter what the higher ups say. Any ideas. The gun shops in MA all told me the same thing. The Chief has the final say. Well all the gangbangers here have guns ect and a law abidding citizen that has never been in trouble in his life is denied. Something is wrong with this picture. Thanks for reading and hope I can get some help on this.
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