Concealed Carry With No Belt?
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Thread: Concealed Carry With No Belt?

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    Concealed Carry With No Belt?

    How does one do concealed carry when wearing suspenders, rather than a belt, for medical reasons and working in an professional office setting where no coat, sweater or other similar over-garment is ever worn?

    How can you do concealed IWB carry with only a shirt and no belt? You might say, put it under the shirt, but dress shirts have l-o-n-g tails. Pulling up the tail of a dress shirt would take longer than accessing one of those trick holsters, seems to me. And the weight of even a .380 can really tug your pants down when you're not using a belt.

    My question isn't just rhetorical. I'm facing that very question while waiting for my new Sig P238 to get shipped. I chose a .380 because a larger pistol would further aggravate the problem. I'll carry in a wallet holster or a SmartCarry holster if nobody has a better idea, but neither approach really appeals to me much.

  3. Have you considered Thunderwear?

  4. Ankle??

  5. I'm not really sure what to say here. You say you're worried about the weight of the pistol piling your pants down but you've picked possibly the heaviest, and thickest, .380 on the market. I carry a KelTec P3AT with nothing more than their belt clip in the small of the back with shorts on. The wallet holster method probably is your best bet.

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    Cool Tough Question

    You might try the new concealed carry cell phone holster. It works fine in loose fitting pants like dress slacks and can handle any firearm. It fits down inside your pants and has a cell phone holder on the outside.

  7. Can you carry it in an ID or Passport holder? The kind with a cord around the neck worn under the shirt.

    Before you say no. Try different cord lengths and carry positions until you find one that works. Possibly using the waistband of your trousers to hold the improvised holster against your body while the cord supports the weight of the pistol so your pants don't sag.

    You'll have to rip the buttons of your shirt to get to it quickly but it might work.

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    Belly band or T-shirt holster

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    I agree with the post above. You've picked a pretty heavy .380.

    I slip my LCP into a IWB holster without a belt quite a problems.

    Take a look at the Keltec or LCP...they are almost identical and are very light.

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    IIRC, GA allows OC. Why not just sling a Keltec PLR-16 and be done with it? No belt required, it looks profesional, and gives you a nice, "don't screw with me" look.

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    Try out the sticky holster. I carry a G19 with the sticky holster in sweat pants at home with no problem.

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