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Thread: Positive personal defense stories?

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    I have a friend that killed one with a pellet gun. He had it stuffed and mounted, standing upright, teeth bared, with its front legs raised, much in the manner you often see bears mounted.

    Steve was a little strange.

    ..... I like his sense of humor

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    SGB: You shot a chipmonk? A chipmonk? SGB..... You be BAAAAAD! LOL!

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

  4. About 15 years ago, my family and I were traveling across WA. We were on a fairly deserted stretch of road, in the mountains. I passed a pickup. It started following closely. I sped up some, thinking that would alleviate the situation. It did not. So I slowed some, thinking he could pass and lead. He didn't pass, just tailgated me closer. I slowed little by little, and at 20MPH (on a 55 MPH road) the pickup finally passed. He went ahead 10-15 carlengths and stopped in the right lane of the road. As he passed, I saw a gun in the hands of the passenger.
    With wife and 2 kids in the car, I didn't want to stop and talk to these knuckleheads. I passed on their left, and let a shot off in the air over the car roof. They never showed in my mirror again.
    In the pitch black of the night, I don't know how I would have conveyed the message I was armed and ready to defend. That seemed to do it.

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    You have great instincts great job. Most of the battle of keeping yourself and those whom you love safe is seeing the threat before it happens!!
    The approval of men is expensive, but the love of God is free...Guns and religion are a great mix!!!

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