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    woooohoooo party at profisher777's house.....lol

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    Congratulations profisher777, but just keep uppermost in mind the enormous responsibilities that follow having a CHP and carrying, ie.; "Use of Deadly Force: A lawful occupant within a home or other place of residence is justified in using any degree of force that the occupant reasonably believes is necessary, including deadly force, against an intruder to prevent a forcible entry into the home or residence or to terminate the intruderís unlawful entry (i) if the occupant reasonably apprehends that the intruder may kill or inflict serious bodily harm to the occupant or others in the home or residence, or (ii) if the occupant reasonably believes that the intruder intends to commit a felony in the home or residence." That is one hell of a personal responsibility to make for anyone... I didn't mean to intentionally rain on your celebration, just to give you food for serious thought!
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    Lol thanks everyone and Ed. I am very excited to be able to carry now, but I also feel the responsibility that it entails. The first day of the rest of my life starts today. On another note, I now have a valid excuse to spend some time at the shooting range every pay period.

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    You both will pleased for choosing the Super Tuck! Been using one for everyday carry for the past 2 years and just ordered another for my 1911 A1.

  6. Congrats!!!
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

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    Excellent! Congrats! I'm waiting for my phone call to pick mine up...hope it's soon.

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