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Thread: Can all the idiots stop carrying so they don't ruin it for the rest of us...

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    Good response!

    Another reason why I don't carry a weapon that doesn't require me to do at least two things before it goes "Bang!". As in: 1) Safety off. 2) Pull trigger.

    The split second I spend de-safeing the weapon I don't bother myself with. In a "quick draw" situation I'm gonna lose anyway. In any other scenario, I'm either going to be situationally ahead of the curve or behind the curve far enough to reason that "drawing" might be suicide anyway! LOL!

    I wonder about all these "what would you do" situations that people come up with where there is someone holding a gun on you or someone else ready to shoot and the choices all seem to involve being fast enough to draw and take them out before the BG can pull the trigger. Sometimes I wonder if a lot of people don't realize that BG's shoot back. I have seen too many "what if's" where the possibility of something bad happening to the GG doesn't seem to be considered.

  3. I used to have a Springfield xd 45 compact and the trigger will not pull unless the grip safety is depressed. I Guarantee that idiot was standing in line and got fidgety and was playing with it in his pocket. Ridiculous.

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