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    I've carried both the Hornady and the Gold Dots, there's no way to "test" defense ammo unless your going to shoot a couple people and see what happens or you somehow have some ballistics gel, Shooting them at targets tells you nothing. There both well respected names and will do the job when the time comes. (and hopefully it never does).
    I wasn't suggesting testing them on a neighbor I meant test how they run in your gun, especially with a polymer tipped ammo like a Hornady Critical Defense or CorBon Pow'r Ball. My main suggestion is keep your pistol clean and definitely run a few test magazines through with the ammo don't assume because your pistol runs ball like a charm it will do the same with a polymer tip. On a personal note my CZ is great with the Critical Defense and I keep pow'r ball in my S&W revolver

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    I use Hornady Critical defense ammo in all my CCW handguns. 357 mag 38 spc 9mm & 40S&W. My wife carries it in her walther 9mm also.

  4. gk,

    You might find that the Critical Defense (polymer tipped) rounds as well as the Pow R' Ball ammo might actually feed better in the Sigma. I've had a couple of students tell me that their Sigmas would not feed hollow points that were shaped similar to flat-nosed ammunition, but the more angled rounds (cone shaped), more rounded tops on certain hollow points, and polymer tipped stuff would feed reliably.

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