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Thread: On sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves

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    Omigod! That totally happened to me! Although, Since I know only about two kung fu moves, I just decided to nail him in the nads, what with having two free hands and feet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post

    You are the last dragon, you posses the power of the glow
    I loved that movie when it came out. Bruce Leroy. Taks your feetsa to Daddy Greens Pizza :-)

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    I got that whole electric thing going on too, every time I get out of the car I get an electric shock.
    Keep your paws off my Carrots and my guns
    My rules to live by Never trust a squirrel, never french kiss an ardvark and never bring Jumbo hotdogs to a nudist colony barbcue.

  5. Your mad about something or just mad. you set your self up like madmax or the ONLY MAN IN THE WORLD!
    people like you scare me, you need to cool off. are you 12 years old? do you think the world is ending.
    This is america, Home of the free and land of the brave. Even people who did not have guns have save peoples lifes.
    we are all in this world. Sheep, sheepdogs or Wolfs, life is not you alone, just because a a 10 girl can not hurt a fly is no reason to let her die. so you want to carry a gun, me too. I because I would want to be able to protect myself, My love ones and anyone I think needs to be protected. A man alone is easy prey, Thats why america is strong, We stand together.
    do you think your going walk down the street and be THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE! Go grow up. and stay off this page you make me ashame your on this post

  6. WOW your full of it.

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