Waiting for CCW Permit
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Thread: Waiting for CCW Permit

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    Waiting for CCW Permit

    Well, I finally made it down to the Sheriff's Department to apply for my MO CCW Permit.
    I had a day off yesterday, after returning from vacation and took the time to apply. I was told, after 15 days for date I applied, to call this phone number and listen for my handling number. If I hear my number, then I go to the Sheriff's Department to pick up my paperwork and then head to the DOR for my new ID card.

    I'm looking forward to carrying, just have to narrow down what type of holster. I've been looking at several IWB and the Super Tuck has really got my interest. Plus, Crossbreed Holsters are located in MO so it'll be nice to help out a MO business.

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    I just bought a DeSantis Sof-Ttuck for my G26/G27. Works very well for summer weather and you can still tuck the shirt in.

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    My husband got his in less than three weeks...but that was ages ago now...
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    I have a Crossbreed Super Tuck ordered, i ordered it a month ago so i should have it in the next two weeks. All of the reviews that ive read on it are positive, but the only thing that sucks is the six weeks that it takes to get it after you order it.

  6. My favorite holster is also the most versatile one I've seen: Thunderwear. I've noticed that this holster is virtually identical to another one called Smart Carry, and I suspect that whomever makes these two holsters used to be in business together and had a falling out. For one thing, whenever I mention the Thunderwear holster in a forum somewhere, inevitably somebody will post a disparaging followup astroturf message pushing the Smart Carry holster instead - even though the difference between the two is indistinguishable.

    Personally, I don't care one way or the other. The first one I saw was Thunderwear and it's an excellent holster suitable for carry in the widest set of circumstances - take your pick. I normally wear shirt and shorts every day of my life, and my "ThunderCarry" holster is absolutely concealed whether I choose to carry in front, strong-side, cross-draw, or in the small of the back. You can also double-carry with this holster. I highly recommend it.

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    I called the number I was given at the Sheriff's Department on Monday, Tuesday and this morning (Thursday) and the recorded message was dated for Wednesday, June 8. My control number was named as one of the permits ready for pickup. So I'm hoping to be able to leave early from work today to pick that up and head straight to the license bureau to get my ID made.

    I applied for the permit on May 31 and it was ready on June 8. Very fast turn around, considering I heard that my area, tends to take close to the 45 day limit. None the less...my permit is ready.
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    Picked up the permit and went straight to the DOR for my new ID. Very pleased with the whole process.
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