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Thread: NY permit holder looking to add other states

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    Actually training requirements in NY state vary from county to county. The issuing agent (usually the county judge) sets the requirement. I don't know why Westcheser county is specified in NY Penal 400.00.

  3. I am in Monroe county, and there is no training requirements.
    It actually kind of disturbing to me! As long as you have a clean record and are honest with the Sheriff in the interview, you will get a permit.
    I am taking the NRA class for personal benefit mainly, but it's a bonus that it counts for Arizona.

    The good thing about NY is it's a lifetime permit. No renewals ever.

    The downside? EVERY pistol you own has to be typed onto your permit at the county clerks office, and you can not posses or carry a pistol if its not on your permit.

    Yes, that means I have to go to the store, pay for a gun, take my receipt to the clerk during county hours, add it, then take a "coupon" they give me back to the store and exchange it for my pistol.

    It's the same if you buy or sell from an individual.

    I got my first Rueger .22 when I was 8. I am comfortable handling fire arms properly and safely.
    The fact there isn't ANY training required for a NYS CCW is scary. Some of the people I know that have permits and carry would be more of a hazard to themselves and others around them than a benefit.

    I don't agree with everything in this video, but it does show what happens if you think just packing heat without training is going to save you in a life or death situation.

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