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    Does anyone have a kahr380? If so how does it perform? I just got my ccw in ca. New member also. I really enjoy this site

  3. Hi Tony, welcome! To be honest, I bought the Kahr P380 about a month ago and things did not go so great. I am sure others have had better experiences. First, the Kahr felt like my hand was being hit with a hammer. Second, Kahr says there is a several hundred round break in period for this gun. Coming from HK's and Glock's I was a little puzzled by this but gave it a go. For the first 300 rounds, I had 6-8 FTF and FTE per 50. The last 200 rounds improved to 3-4 jams of one sort of another per 50. I could have sent the gun back to Kahr but I had lost confidence in it. I traded it after 2 weeks for a Sig P238 (380 also). A much more comfortable to shoot, hence accurate gun. After 400 rounds the last 2 weeks- zero failures/jams. I will say, that that Speer Gold Dots does not feed great in the Sig. I have shot 7-8 different SD ammo rounds. Some are concerned @ the Sig being SA I.e. 1911.

    Go to a range that rents several different .380's AND some pocket 9's and try as many as you can. It is worth the time and up from expense.

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    Welcome :) personally have no experience with any Kahr. But Ive heard good things from most people that i know that own them. Ive heard they have a stingy break-in period but after that they run smooth. My only issue with Kahr is that for the money I dont see what makes them so "special". Again never shot one. Guess it comes down to personal preference. Good luck.

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    Khar maked damn good guns...and they have really hot model.. :)

    I have Khar PM9 and it works well. I also have a CW9 from then both are excellen..So I going to say that your .380 is going to be good. also the customer service is really good.

  6. Bought the Kahr P380 about a month ago and followed Kahr's recommendation for a several hundred round break in period. I had 6-8 jams per 50 for the first 300 rounds and 3-4 jams per 50 the last 200 rounds. The Kahr was also very painful to shoot. I lost confidence and traded it for a Sig P238 which after 400 rounds-no jams and very comfortable and hence more accurate. Rent a few and see what you like best.

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