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    It's Finally In

    Hi Folks - I am new to the site. I have been watching for months just staying in the backround but now I'm official. I got word today that my unrestricted permit is in. I live in Ulster Coulty NY and turned in my application Jan 14th. Had my interview with the judge April 18th. Less than 5 months for the process (was originally told 4-6 months). I am going to the sheriff's department tomorrow with the bill of sale from my first handgun. I have a Gen4 Glock 26 waiting for me paid off for the past few months that I will pick up after. Have been breaking in a CBST Deluxe so I'm all set. Already took the NRA PPOTH and will be taking PPITH this Saturday at the Bethlehem Rod and Reel Club. Watching the past few months has been interesting to say the least. Some very spicey conversations with some very interesting individuals. Looking forward to becoming a responsible experienced concealed carry member of society.

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    Welcome Aboard ! Congrads on your CCW Be safe

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    Congratulations bro! That did take quite a while.

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    Congrats on both the permit and having a great CCW gun in the G26.
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    Congrats! It must be much tougher to get CCW there since you had to interview with the Judge, so great job! It sure is a good feeling having a .45 or something inside your waistband!

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    Congratulations is in order here...hmmm...does it really take that long to have a permit over there? I got mine in less than 3 weeks and so did my husband. Youngest son applied before he left for university after New Year and got his two weeks and a day later.

    Anyway, welcome to the club.
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    Congrats Jeff S on the permit and welcome to the forums!

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    For those who dont know how New York States Pistol Permit Process Works. In Western NY ( Erie County) I know people who have waited up to 14-16 Months for there Permits. There are Several other Counties who's wait times are just as long.When I applied for my permit in 1992 it took over 8 months New York loves to drag there feet.And if you call and keep calling to check on your status the longer you will wait.

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    Glad to hear the process worked out for you. Congrats!

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