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    Not weird at all, Your probably putting pressure on a nerve or muscle. I've got a screwy disc in my back and had to start carrying on the other side because It would cause shooting nerve pain. Your putting pressure on yourself where you never did before. It should pass. But I'd pick a spot you like and thats comfortable and try to stick with it the best you can. I googled the Brand X Holster, to me it doesn't look comfortable at all looks like a lot of pressure direct to the skin from the gun amusing I'm looking at the right one. Basically a belt slide, just covers the trigger?

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    I'm glad you clarified that :-) I was gonna say I don't think you gun can give you gas LOL I carry at 1o'clock and can't say thus has ever been a problem as you mentioned. I cinch my belt tight unless I've just eaten :-). May take a little getting used to but I prefer this position over the others for concealibility, controllability and ease/speed of access. Appendix carry! Working, driving, lounging, playing with the grandkids, working under the car, etc
    Edited to say I use an Ehud from OST
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    When I first started carrying I tried using a IWB holster and it drove me crazy cause the handle would dig into my hip. I switched to a Desentis Mini Slide and liked it so much I am now using it for all of my carry pistols. CZ 75 compact, Kimber Ultra Aegis and a few others. Hope this helps.

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    Actually ALL of this helps.. I think that I will loosen my belt a bit and try a higher quality IWB holster. (Oh and ofcourse watch my diet ... )
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  7. I carry a full frame 45 iwb strong side. And find it to be pretty comfortable. I also enjoy Taco Smell as this is my first defense and dont need to rely solely on my other weapon.

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