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Thread: CCW in Wisconsin?

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    Now we plane people can go back to Wisconsin for the annual Oshkosh Airventure! Wow! I wonder if it will recognize CCW in other states too...or is this a valid question? Can we get CCW permit too even if we live out of state? Will it also allow legal residents to get CC permit even if they live out of state? Bear with me folks ... these are just the many questions that crossed my mind at the moment...
    I've got the same question, since I have a NC permit with reciprocity to 37 states, hoping the new WI law has reciprocity with most of the rest of the world covered by 2nd amendment. And also as a pilot, Oshkosh would again be a nice destination. Glad to see WI coming into the 21st century!

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    PA doesn't require any training for a CCL, however it does require Hunter Safety training, which I took. I wonder if the hunter safety training in PA will satisfy the WI training requirement and make my PA CCL good there. Probably not, but it seems like a reasonable question.


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