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Thread: This is why we need concealed Carry, this is what it's all about.

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    That is crazy huh? A group of teenagers and young adults with no regard for the safety and well being of other human beings. Roaming the streets like a gang taking what they wanted and being violent. This is not the first time this has happened but maybe it is not the norm for that area of Chicago and that is why it is so frightening to them.

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    Ahhh ok, well, that sucks huh? That means that when you go out into public there you are at the mercy of the criminals and you have to pray that the police can protect you no matter where you are at. Yipes...

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    I lived in the Chicago area for seven years. While I never "carried" while there, I most certainly had one in the car and at home. (Illegality be damned!)

    There are areas in Chicago where even the Police fear to tread in less than squad strength.

    Incidents? All the time. A murder or two every weekend. Muggings? Frequent. (Not that you would get the press to give the scourge front page "play"..... drive the tourists away!)

    It does no good, in a place like that, to stay away from the "bad parts" of town. The bad part of town comes to you.

    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by chiefpropellerhead View Post
    As citizens we already have the ability to own weapons and protect ourselves in our homes. If we are concerned about being protected in public then we should follow the laws and get a concealed weapons permit and get the necessary training so we can protect ourselves and loved ones. We should also not place ourselves in harms way either. In other words, if you know that an area of town is known to have problems then we should stay away from those places. Situational awareness is as important as the ability to carry a weapon or use them.
    These attacks are taking place downtown so no more going to see any plays, the museums, any of them art,field or science, or Shed. We give up our places of wonder cause the beasts have won control. What other places do we give up where is the line in the sand. Where do we fight. What do we fight for. If they take over your home block, do we give you up? then when they take my home area who would stand for me.
    The only thing evil men need to win is for good men to do nothing. I do not live in Ill anymore. I moved for a better job but I love Chicago, from the rock n roll MCDonalds to cub park, from H.B stowe school to U.Of. I and the chicago boys clubs.
    Has it come to this WE GIVE UP!
    This remark is to the courts and cops and the D.A's office.
    WE give up!!!
    From now I guess we do not go there. You get none of our money or support. Build a wall around your zoo, we want none of it, I loved the beach on fullerton, all the bands in the parks, the baseball games in the summer for me and my little brothers you put on. so dies the great city.
    Don't you see we have to fight!
    Chicago your dying noone will want to come see you. yea give us guns, let us defend ourselfs there might be some shooting that will be not right! but the beasts will go back in their cave. and a man can walk down the street with his head high and fight for his
    self, his famile and the right to be a man. safe and respect will mean something.
    Cause right now only the rich can do that and they hire off duty cops with guns and the backing of the court and DA office to work for them to hell with the man doing the jobs on the street. Mr mayor how many people are robbed after a night play when they are walking back to their car, or after a concert, or having dinner, or coming home from a job. Do they matter to you. how many women must be raped. You see the police don't protect they stop the people from defending ourselfs and feed the court money off our blood.
    You give our medals to police officers who do stop a mugging!!!!
    it's that rare!!!!
    Ya know i keep hearing most officers never draw their guns in thier career, cause they never get there in time.
    they have guns so if they get robbed it was a accident the badguy made a mistake.
    The old women who get her ss check taken and beat up thats who need a gun. you puke! serve and protect who? you report and observe and pick up the remains.
    well we are living in the time when the people decide to fight or stand alone
    and die. a man alone is easy prey, but if we band together we are mighty
    join this group and let go after them. damm stand up you sons of bitcxs
    do you like kissing their feet. we will vote them out of offices and sue them til they have no money left, this group can drive home the spear.
    ok i need coke and a smile. sorry your turn.

  6. Whitetiger, I am very sorry for the people of Chicago, I would under no circumstances go there. I love TN. we have every right to defend ourselves, our family, and even our property if we see fit to do so. I have no use for New York, California, Or Illinois. If cops weren't so heavy everyone could carry one at all times. If a group is terrorizing people they know they don't have any way to defend themselves. But in a fine state like mine you still have the stupid ones, but they have to think twice does this little old lady have a .44 in her purse and not afraid to use it? I too understand, why don't these people vote out the people keeping them from there right to bear arms?

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    Western NY is a Great place to live....That being said I wish NYC was a different state on its own, because it gives us WNYers a bad name....There is crime in buffalo, but at least we can shoot back if need be.

  8. sorry I forget there is other parts of NY state that have rights. God bless all of you.
    I don't want anyone hurt but people should be able to defend themselfs.

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    Why don't the good folks of Chicago used their CCW and protect themselves, O, sorry they can't, travel quite a bit and this is another city and state that will not see any of my money. Sadly you will be seeing more and more of this as economy bottoms out.

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    One of these days I believe that IL will get a clue and pass some 2nd friendly laws that will curb this kind o crap. Until then you still have the best weapon available ... COMMON SENSE! ... Although I will admit, it ain't that common.
    We ALL shall see the Lord one day .... please don't make me set up the meeting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefpropellerhead View Post
    Ahhh ok, well, that sucks huh? That means that when you go out into public there you are at the mercy of the criminals and you have to pray that the police can protect you no matter where you are at. Yipes...
    Chief, unfortunately that is the situation up there. The mayor of Chicago was adamant in keeping his citizens unarmed for years while he rode around with armed bodyguards. After leaving office, he asked the city to authorize armed bodyguards for him which other private citizens are unable to have. He must think that it is unsafe there. Maybe if there are enough of these gang muggings, etc. they will see the light and allow armed citizenry.

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