TERRIBLE decision pending for me...
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Thread: TERRIBLE decision pending for me...

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    Exclamation TERRIBLE decision pending for me...

    I work for state government and am not allowed to carry a weapon at work. For a lot of reasons I haven't been bothered by that although I don't like it.

    That ALL changed today and now I am literally in a situation where I have to chose between my safety and my job. Most of us prepare for the unknown but unthinkable but now I have something known and definite to worry about.

    I found out today that I have a co-worker that is being stalked by an ex-spouse. This person is a convicted fealon and has warrants out for their arrest. We were told today that due to circumstances (that I won't detail now) we can basically call 911 upon sighting this person (they don't have to be doing anyting suspicious). This person HAS called our office attempting to verify that their ex is working here and if/when they are here and they know where this office is. It is a not-so "secured" facility and does not have public access; that doesn't mean they can't get in.

    In all likelihood this person is primarily a threat to this specific co-worker and not directly to me. I could very easily be one of the people that ends up talking to this person on the phone, it just hasn't happened yet that I recall. My concern is that if this person shows up and turns this into another mass workplace shooting I'm in a bad position; seated VERY close to the main door they would likely try to enter.

    Apart from that, I'm not the type of person that wants to watch a co-worker be harmed even knowing that I am likely safe. I doubt too many of you are really going to tell me straight up what to do but any thoughts are appreciated. Do you carry to work against your employer's wishes or do you chance it? I can conceal well enough that unless I tell someone I have it on me no one will likely find out unless I have to pull it.
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    Ugh. Had to deal with that before. She ended up going back to him.

    At any rate, if you REALLY think you are in danger, and you REALLY think you can do it without getting caught, I would carry. You might get fired if they find out, but they sure aren't going to fire you if you drop some gun-wielding maniac.

    Barring that, remember that everything is a weapon. Everything.

  4. They might fire him even if he does stop a violent attack. Just look at the recent walgreens incident...

  5. I personally would carry anyway. If you don't need it, no one will ever know. If a deadly force situation arises, you could save your, or another, life.

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    No brainer for me, I'd be packing ......... but then I'd have been packing the whole time anyway.

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    If I feel like there is potential threat I would carry. Your life is worth more than your job.
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    I would get together with co-workers and request an armed guard for the duration. Also have them change her location in the building. As to carrying, I would investigate what the legal ramifications were. Would it POSSIBLY be a felony, by any twists they can put on it. You WILL probably get fired, so how important is your job, or having anything like it after your fired. It will be part of your employment discharge record for all future employers to inquire about. Although they may be legally nice and just say "he/she was fired for cause". Just to clarify, I believe everyone, legally able to carry, should be able to in their work environment, but that's not reality, and we all need to face that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudiepop View Post
    If I feel like there is potential threat I would carry. Your life is worth more than your job.
    +1 on this one. You can always get another job. Another life only happens in video games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornNC View Post
    I personally would carry anyway. If you don't need it, no one will ever know. If a deadly force situation arises, you could save your, or another, life.
    Very True, and YES I'd do the same. But I think it's worth mentioning that being a State Gov't employee, If caught it could very well be a lot worse that just getting fired. You would be carrying a gun on Gov't property. I doubt it being State VS Federal would be a difference at that point. I'm not familiar with IA law and again I'd most likely carry myself BUT assume it wouldn't be any less of a charge then walking into the State House with one.

  11. XJ_Mac beat me to this, I was going to suggest the same thing but with a little more to think about.

    If you work in a State or Federal facility and you get caught carrying you may or may not get get charged with a felony. You will very likely loose your security clearance if you have one,... if you don't have a security clearance you will loose your ability to be sponsored for employment in the State or Federal space as either as a direct or contractor even for non-cleared positions. If things go really bad you could be labeled as a threat and end up on the Do Not Fly List.... seriously!

    Really think about your decision to carry on State or Federal property unless you are cleared to do so you really have a lot more to to loose than you think.

    Get your co-workers together and express you concern to you management.

    I'd like to advise differently, really I would..... but I know something about this and I'd hate to see one of my fellow carriers get needlessly nuked.

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