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Thread: anyone using a crossbread holster

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    Crossbreed Holster Purchasing

    I ordered mine from MidwayUsa and it arrived within a week. I chose a company that had it available and ready to ship. I came across that 6 weeks wait time and just kept on searching.

  3. I wrote an email on Monday just to check on my order status to see if the 4 to 6 weeks was still accurate. It is not an issue with me, but I was curious. Marty responded back a little while later that as of the 6th, they were shipping orders place April 21. Hope that helps.

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    It is worth the wait, I can conceal a Ruger SR9 easily with my shirt tucked in and it's more comfortable than I expected. Mine came one day short of the full 6 weeks. It is a longer wait than we're normally used to now (general culture observation) but they know their timeframes; I haven't heard of one situation where 6 weeks turned into 7 or 8.

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    I have four Crossbreed SuperTuck holsters and a Crossbreed belt. Their web site says right on the main page that it takes four to six weeks to get a holster, so stop complaining. They are hand made, they are the best and they are more than worth the wait. A SuperTuck is the first thing I buy whenever I get a new carry gun.
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    I bought a crossbreed supertuck because I carry an unusual sidearm - a Steyr M40. It is fantastic, good retention, comfortable and easy re-holstering. A couple friends also have them and are equally pleased. Mike

  7. Comp-tac versus crossbreed?

    My local gun store doesn't carry crossbreed holsters, only comp-tacs. Anyone know how the two compare??

  8. Wait for it. It's nice.

  9. I ordered mine from Crossbreed and it took four weeks. I love mine. I got the horsehide because I sweat a lot and horsehide is better for that.
    Well worth it IMHO.

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    you have already waited this long, what a little longer. its worth it trust me and if anything was to happen to it, they fix it for free... cant beat that. just wait a little longer,you will be happy with it. if ur a right handed shooter, has them ready to go for the most part. i as a lefty had no choice but to wait, plus i needed the horsehide model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramrunnr View Post
    I have two CrossBreed holsters and I love them both. I also have one of their gunbelts with the Velcro on the inside. I'm planning on ordering another holster and belt without the Velcro soon. In my opinion, well worth the wait.
    ^^^ Ditto This plus one holster ^^^

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