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Thread: anyone using a crossbread holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghiapaul View Post
    I am impressd that you only need one size up. Looking at the holster it just looked huge. I think I will try one. Thanks again for the help
    Part of it is also what size gun you have. I usually carry single stack guns IWB. If you are carrying a double stack you might need a little looser. My main IWB gun is a Kel Tec PF9, very thin. I've carried my Glock 26 and it is a little tighter because of the extra thickness of the gun. Best thing to do is go somewhere with locking dressing rooms and try on a few sizes or buy a few sizes and return or exchange the wrong sizes for the right sizes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by One78Shovel View Post
    I agree. Do the wait. I was lucky though and found one for my G19 at the local gun store. Had to wait the 5 weeks for the CB for the XD40 sub.


    Where'd you get your grips for the Glock? I have a G19 Gen4 and I was looking for a nice grip that fit well without adhesives..

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    They are the best. I have one CB. Bought a new gun so I tried an M-tac because the GS had one. Ordered the second CBST about a week later. They look big because of the large piece of leather. It just distributes the weight better.
    I carry a FS 1911.

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    Crossbreed super tuck

    I have had a cross breed Super Tuck for about two years now. Wear it ever day with a Kimber crimson ultra carry. I got the horse hide because i work outside and it is hot here in Mississippi. It is well worth the wait. U also need a gun belt.

  6. It's been 5 days past the 4 to 6 weeks for delivery that Crossbreed estimated on their website. I called them once it was past the 6 week mark and they told me that my order should be shipped next week. I understand that they are a small company and undoubtedly in high demand. I hope its worth the wait. I believe from many forums that it will be.

  7. I have one on order, I'm very excited about this holster. It is going to be my first iwb:)
    6 weeks isn't that long to wait for a good handmade product.

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    Its been five weeks sense i ordered my CBST, so if they hold true to there time frame i should have mine by the end of next week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getlost4x4 View Post
    I ordered mime over a month ago and I'm starting to get annoyed by how long it's taken.

    I'm thinking about cancelling the order and just making my own.

    Is it really worth the wait.

    I have a galco ITB Holster currently that I molded to my bersa 45 ultra compact pro. I like it but it's not stable and doesnt tuck it down far enough
    CBST's are a good holster but you pay double what their worth and wait WAY too long for them. That's why I switched to Kholster and won't look back. Midway sells ST's and you'll have it in a couple days buy it's still overpriced check out these places as well. There's also the Galco KingTuk which you can pick up in person anywhere that sells Galco.

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  10. I've been waiting very impatiently for my supertuck as well. It seems like everyone gets the horsehide version, is it just because of the sweat factor or is the horsehide just significantly better than the black cowhide?

    Edit: I just checked their website, they now say wait 4-8 weeks (not 4-6) for delivery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy615 View Post
    Where'd you get your grips for the Glock? I have a G19 Gen4 and I was looking for a nice grip that fit well without adhesives..
    New Hogue Universal Slip On Grip- Got it of Ebay $12.00 delivered.

    Nice grip, does notslide around.


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