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Thread: Has CCW changed you/family and everday life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboy615 View Post
    I agree. You make a good point and I agree with the fact that you don't let your gun be bigger than your brain. A CCW isn't a permit to be an *********. It's a permit to be safe and conscious.
    What exactly is an "*********"? Or are you just trying to get around the language filter in violation of forum rules? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig1911 View Post
    If you are unwilling to allow concealed carry to affect your life in a significant and serious way, I recommend you not carry. It implies that you are ready to remain in condition yellow pretty much all the time, and to make life and death decisions at any moment. Be honest with yourself and consider whether you want and accept that responsibility.
    This is almost like a liberal telling the rest of us we shouldn't carry. He has his 2nd amendment rights 24/7 whether or not he chooses to use them 24/7. We have no right to tell him how or when he should protect himself and/or his family.

    Anyways... I've changed... I have some shorts / pants 2" larger for more room with an IWB ;o).

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    My $0.02 on carrying all the time vs not: In any endeavor, you have to balance risk vs benefit, idealism vs practicality.

    Was it my right to carry at my last workplace? Ideally yes. And there was not a written policy against it. BUT - I know that many of those I worked with, including the owner, are terrified of guns...and that if she found out I had carried in the office, I'd have likely be fired. And "carrying a firearm" would probably not have been the cited cause. Realistically, any savvy employer who wants to fire an employee for one reason, can come up with about 10 others. So - my choice - I would leave my firearm in the car. (Moot point since I no longer work there and am self-employed.)

    Is it my right to carry at the pool? Ideally yes. No signs posted against it. But then I have a much harder choice. Do I leave it unattended in the fanny pack while I swim? Or am I stuck sunbathing only? Again - I leave it in the car on such an occasion.

    Is it my right to carry while I ride out with the Patriot Guard to peacefully mitigate a protest at a fallen soldier's funeral? Yes - no laws against it. BUT...if Fred Phelps and the WBC showed up, I might be way too tempted to put holes in them. Also, if things got out of hand and I were arrested - it would look BAD for the PGR if I were found to be armed, since the PGR has a mission of "peaceful counter-protest."

    So yes - ideally I would like to carry 24/7. But when considering all the factors...there are times when I don't.

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    JrFreak, for the record and not that it's pertinent to the discussion, I am a woman, wife, mother, life-long conservative, gun nut, firearms/CCW instructor, and lawyer, but not necesssarily in that order. Anyways, it's the firearms/CCW instructor-lawyer part of me that counsels careful consideration of whether one is ready to take on the responsibility that comes with carrying. The other parts of me agree that it's a good idea, too. ;)

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