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  1. I live in Wisconsin, we are maybe going to pass a ccw law soon.

  3. A real swordcane is a elegant weapon of a more civilized time, and now days the best swordcanes are made in
    Munster, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa by the Burger family. Real blades not toys. A weapon to handdown to your son or dauther. I would love to carry one. It's not a Novel weapon and in the hands of a trained swordman something to fear.
    I would also carry the big 45 1911 in case the attacker has got a gun.

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    Caneguns fall under NFA rules as "Any Other Weapon" and require registration and a tax stamp. Last time I stated this fact kelcarry accused me of being hostile to SC LEO's, I don't see the connection though.

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    Sword canes are legal to own, but a felony to carry in Oklahoma.
    War to the Knife, Knife to the hilt.
    If we don't want to live in a trashy area, we all have to be willing to help pick up the trash.

  6. Hey wisconsin passed the concealed carry law and you can concealed a blade so it is ok here after you get a permit. I have the freedom of speach sir and if the facts of the case are I was justifed in such force the above statment would be ok.
    cops carry all kinds of weapons for selfdefence. billy club, gas, pepperspray, tazer, Pistol, shotgun, Sap,
    and have backup.
    They can decide what weapon or tool to use in any incident, I think I could do that too. depend on the foe
    I am facing. I am a fencing coach and have 30 years of skill with a sword, and I am a us Marine vet, I know guns and have 40 years of skill with them. So I think I could use what weapon the matter called for.
    it would be like carrying a bullyclub for a cop, and his gun. alto I think if the bad guy had a club I might use the sword, if he had a knife I would use the gun, The Chicago way.

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    Sir we do not doubt you know how to use it. What most folks are telling you is to check with your local laws regarding these edged weapons. You might use it
    Succsefully and save your life agains an atack, but youl loose in court.

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    Whitetiger, the best advice I can give you is to check with the State Attorney General office in your state. The reason to check is to be sure that you are allowed to carry it, and secondly to determine if your seordcane is considered a deadly weapon. If it is, you increase your liability if you use it in a manner not specified by law, I.e. As a non-lethal weapon. This same thing happens when someone uses a gun and claims in court they were only trying to shoot the perp in the leg and disable him - it's considered improper use of deadly force. Please check with your state officials before proceeding, as mace or a taser may be your only non-lethal option.

  9. I am bringing a sword and a gun to the fight.

  10. I see what you mean as it's considered a deadly weapon and must only be used in such a incident with life at stake. not to be taken lightly and pulled at a fist fight or verbal attack. I agree. But A attack with the intent to do me great harm or death may be from a other weapon than a gun. Knife, club, ect and I think I could defend myself without killing in such a case. as a sword is more sure in stopping a man with out killing unless medical is too long in getting there, ( Bleeding out) Like I cut the attacking hand off.
    the attack is stopped and he is not dead. if there is a secong attack from the same man the second cut would cut his head in half. if I see a gun or two men attack I would use the gun. the attack would be the same as I fear for my life, and decide to defend myself, one I try to do so with out killing. the second I have to use a gun and center mass as many times as it takes to stop the attack.
    mult shots to the center mass at close range with a 45 acp unless there is body armor most likely result in death. I have no faith in pepperspray to stop someone before he gets me. nor a club.
    I will check the state A.G. office for the laws. thank you for the info. Oh I am not talking about an attack from close range and you don't see it coming. If i am surprised I go for the gun.

    by the way, it would only be improper use of force in the case of being attack and it not being a case of life or death. A person could defend himself by hitting a attacker who has the intend of killing the victim
    with a car, a hammer, rock or anything, your defending your life. there are 100's of cases where people defended themselfs with items not guns in a deadly attack, (women with hatpins, stake knifes, rolling pins,
    pens, keys, bats, screwdrivers, ect its the act thats the point to judge aacording to black's law.
    but god knows what is in the mind of people who sit in judgement, first the police who decide how to present the case to the sa office, and the sa office who decide to take the case to court and then 12 people who most likely have never stood up to anyone in their lifes.
    they don't like people on the jury who have been in a fight, or been attacked.
    well I guess it might come down that americans only want people dead by guns for self defence.
    pity a stopcut to the hand works wonders in the olddays or a cut to the leg and the tendons cut you drop like a rock. if your son was being dumb and tryed to rob me would you want me to shoot him 2x to the chest with a 45 or cut his hand off, or his tendon in his front leg.
    Cause someone's son will be robbing someone next year. or do you think there will be no robberys next summer after all the ccw permitts come out. all the robbers got to be someone son. you want him dead or injured.
    if i had the choice i hope not to kill. ever. but I will not be hurt or robbed. alive he could stii turn around and become good. Dead he is a broken thing to be a heart break for as long as a mom or dad lives.
    May God spare me the choice of taking a life or a hand or leg.
    But under attack and saving my life or another I would make it very fast.

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    Whitetiger, One thing to remember in all cases is the defense concept of "Escalation of Force." You can look this up as it is taught in all arrest and defense classes. The basics of it are that you can always step up your defenses one level above that of your attacker when defending yourself. So if a man roughly the same height, size and strength as you advances on you to do you harm with only his hands, you could choose a can of mace, a flexible baton, or any NON-deadly weapon, but NOT a gun, as a gun is more than one step up the scale. If he has a stick or rock, something that will harm but is not deadly, you could move to tazer, if you had it, which is RANGED non-deadly force, or you could now go to your gun or sword, as it is one step up from your attackers weapon. Since you see your sword as a step below your gun, you would probably draw your sword at this point and watch him drop his stick and run!

    The important point is to remember that you can always have a weapon which is one step, and ONLY one step, better than your attackers. Also remember that if your attacker is a boxer, martial artist, or much bigger, this can be considered an escalation of weapon, as he can do deadly damage if he should reach you.
    Edmund Burke: “The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.” – 1784 speech. Taken from Founding Fathers Notes. "The unarmed man is not just defenseless -- he is also contemptible." Machiavelli

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