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  1. Thankyou evryone I think I better do as you say and ask the states ATT office. cause there is just no clear wording on act 35 about a sword cane. it has blades but no switchblades a swordcane has a button release. is it or can it be called unlawful because of this? I better ask the sa office and if the state said it's ok what about citys and towns with the 3inch or 4inch laws? would i get arrested in town for too long a blade? I do understand the escalation of force I was taught that years ago. I hope the sa office will make it clear for me.
    Thanks again.
    Oh and a sword is a better weapon for attacks from a charging med to small animal as the sword can hit and stick and force a change of direction in the charge. away from you. Called a stop hit. bull fighters use it. ( not what I want to do they are braver than me) I would not go near that big a bull. maybe a rare burger but not with four legs. LOL

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    LOL! I can see you charging that dangerous rare burger!

    Good idea on the State Attorney General. It's his call if you get prosecuted, so he's the one to check with. He can also give you the actual paragraph in the law that makes it legal or illegal.

    Let us know!
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