SW9VE vs Ruger LC9
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Thread: SW9VE vs Ruger LC9

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    SW9VE vs Ruger LC9

    Trying to get some opinions... I have been offered a Ruger LC9 for my sigma 9 (sw9ve), was trying to get some feedback if this is a good trade or not?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think its a great trade.

  4. I assume you've used the LC9.. It's a tiny little guy. Hope your hands are small.

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    Never shot a LC9, have reviewed it and that is one point that is steering me away, it being so small. Plus it only has one 7 shot mag, compared to my sigma with 3 16 rd mags.

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    I've HEARD Rugers small guns have a short lifespan. I've got nothing against the little guys as there great for hiding but if the Sigma is your only gun, I wouldn't trade it. The only downside really to the Sigma's are the heavy triggers which is easily (mostly) fixable. Heavy triggers aside there well built, good looking, reliable guns that will serve for years to come. I've got an M&P & Glock and still always bring my sigma to the range (trigger @ 6lbs though).

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    I love my sigma..... It has never ever failed on me, I put ammo in out, out shoots it and spits it out. I think I'm going to decline on the offer, the trigger pull is nothing to me

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