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  1. SOB? Help me out. I'm new to this lingo.

  3. Small of back. And I actually just bought a Springfield XDM 3.8 compact .40 so I think that will help me coceal much better.

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    What makes it so dangerous?

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    I'm an athletic build and I have carried SOB before, but not in the Crossbreed. I had a Browning Hi-Power in a rough-out IWB. Only two things to warn you about: If you are going to drive a lot, get a seat cushion that has a hole in the middle-bottom that will allow the pressure of the gun to be relieved off of your spine. Also, when you go to sit down in hard restaurant booths and hard chairs, be aware of the loud "CLUNK" the gun will make, giving away the fact that you are carrying. Heard a story of two gentlemen without permits getting visited by four LEO's who were having lunch in the next booth when they noisily sat down.

    Practice drawing this as it is completely unnatural and you MUST keep your finger out of the trigger until the point of the barrel passes your body and your on target or the wound could be quite severe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Small Of Back


    Son Of A B( I'll let you figure that last word out)
    Thanks Treo.

    If Im walking the dogs on the local trail, I do like to SOB carry at times due to comfort but thats about the only time. Cant drive sitting on the Sigma.

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    @ Treo
    You mean Simian on back or Monkey on back maybe? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Landon Jamison View Post
    What makes it so dangerous?
    The chance of being disarmed from behind could be greater if you do not stay aware of your surroundings. IF you plan to be in a crowded area, I would not recommend it. BUT as always, it's up to you.
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    ace case improvment

    I had my holster maker add a tension screw and neoprene washer to my ace case holster and it made a dramatic improvement to the holster. It holds the gun tighter and a little higher gun will not drop out when inverted and draws smoother. Just a suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Landon Jamison View Post
    What makes it so dangerous?
    I think if you accidently pull the trigger while handeling it, the injury could be a lot worse if you shoot yourself in the back or side than in the leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Seriously, if you fall on that gun you could get hurt very badly
    LOLI fell on the ice, chest first while wearing a 1911 in a tanker holster and broke 3 ribs once I tried the Glock 30 in a SOB holster for a brief time. It was fine while standing, but that was the only time it was comfortable.
    FWIW, I know, and have known many people who carry. I don't know any two who carry exactly the same way, most of them have a box/bag/drawer full of holsters that they tried and didn't like, for one reason or another. So try before you buy, if you can.
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