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    When I was 17 (I'm now 57) I got in trouble with drugs in Fla. It was my first and only offense ever so they withheld adjudication. I did one year of probation and have never been in trouble since. I now live in Ga and went to get a carry permit. On the application it asks if you ever have been arrested, convicted, pleaded nolo contendre or had first offense treatment in a drug case. Of course I checked yes and provided documentation of the withheld adjudication from 1972. So, I pay my $30 and have to go to another building to get the fingerprints and background check. I paid the $50 and sat and waited my turn. While I was waiting, I read the back of the map they gave me to get from the courthouse (1st building where I put in the application) to the building where they took my fingerprints. On the back it says you will be denied a permit if you have been arrested for a drug related crime whether you were pardoned or not. Why do I read this after I just plunked down $80? Why do they even let me put in the application if I checked yes for having been arrested for drugs? Shouldn't they have seen the yes checked and said "I'm sorry you're not eligible to receive a permit?" They said it will go before a probate judge. Do I have a chance of getting my permit with a withheld adjudication 40 years ago? I feel like I just got a salami up my breezer. Any help, encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    You were a minor. It is most likely sealed or expunged. Contact the court that you tried in. And get the Dispistion of the case.
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  3. Personally, the first action I would take is wait and see if I am granted the permit or denied.
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    Do not wait and see, if you are proactive as I was I was able to address issues I was unaware of. I had these issues corrected or shown to be false. Some of these issue were typing mistakes by clerks. But a pain not just for my ccw app. but for other issues that I have since corrected. One issue was a blank page without a case # or exact charge, FBI background check, I spoke to my Buddy who is retired now but was active with the FBI, and he stated he had done my background check before he (retired 2 years ago) and had placed a correction note as he had contacted the issuing county and local courts and there was no record of it. It still shows up and I send my personal copy of the no record dispostion. Good Luck!
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