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    Chicago's manic obsession with gun control is keeping it's citizens defenseless and therefore easy targets for the criminals. Now we have roving gangs of social media coordinated young thugs attacking tourists and the well healed on Michigan Avenue and the Gold Coast. A few good citizens with the right to carry would soon put and end to this insanity! I'm going to move out of Illinois as soon as I can! What a mess!

  3. I hear that. It's ashame what happen to what was once a beautiful city. I never go to Chicago anymore because of their stripping of the 2nd. I won't even to the famous concerts or otherwise for fear of thugs. So if they want only criminals in their city, I saw all the good people move out and they will get what they wanted. Look at Detroit for exam as well. Such a waste :/

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    Come to Indiana or Michigan we have CCP's. And you can still go ton the same lake swimming while carrying if you want.

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    I turned down a promotion for two reasons. 1. The tax rate would have eaten every dime of the promotion and 2. It is a semicommunist state. And becoming more communist every day! We won't even go to a ball game there! Sad!

    Psalm 82:3-5

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    I am also fed up with all the bs this state dishes out to the public. I myself am in process of moving to AZ in the next few weeks and I highly doubt I will ever look back. The new king of Chicago can place as many cops on the street that he wants and it wont change a thing. Until the citizens can defend themselves these thugs will continue to operate. Just thinking about it and reading this post I am reminded of how much I despise this state!
    Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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    Flash mobs of robbers? Better get used to it and prepare for it; it's only going to get worse. This is not an isolated incident
    in Chicago. The same thing is happening in DC, LA and will spread to other urban areas rather quickly. It's going to be hard to prevent at best or control at worst. Really! What do you do if you're in a store and 15 kids/adults/people run in the store and start grabbing merchandise and heading for the door? Are you really going to shoot one or more of them. As much as you might like to, I doubt that that is going to happen. More in-store security is going to have to be implemented, highly visible security. This is about the only way to deter such mob actions, and even then there's no guarantee it is going to stop or prevent such an invasion.
    This is going to be a wide spread problem and it needs to be addressed now, not later. And if there is no direct threat to your life while such an event is happening, there is little you can do to help without getting yourself into legal problems.
    Just another form of UGLY that is headed our way.
    Kill them all and let God sort them out!

  8. Well if a pack of wild animals were threatening my life in the woods, I would shoot them. I can't see much difference in wild dogs, And wild humans. They need to be brought under control, one way or the other.

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    Chicago's an utterly lost cause:
    • Corrupt, incompetent government
    • Corrupt, incompetent police force
    • Across the board, all against all, racial, ethnic and religious hatred
    • Dumb, corrupt populace that buys totally into the above

    Chicago is going to look like the movie "The Warriors" if the character "Cyrus" hadn't been assassinated and the gangs had taken over NYC.

  10. Illinois is a Democrat state..... they are no different from communist in Russia and China....taking away people's freedom rights.... That is why we need to support NRA the Organization who will fight for our second Amendment rights!!!!
    One person can not change the future... that is why we need support NRA...

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