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Thread: What are the pros and cons of an ankle holster?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    You might consider making a holster out of a hollowed out Bible.
    Haha! That is a good idea! Hide the fire and thunder inside the holy book!

    I would hate to mess up a good Bible to do it though ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFC View Post
    Not so unrealistic, I just purchased the Hidden Advantage from Galco a Day Planner with a separate area under the day plammer for a firearm (Walther PPS 9mm) and one mag. a bit pricy at $170.00 plus shipping.
    That is very expensive! My stepson made one for each of us for Christmas two years ago and he only used the books he bought at an op shop (Goodwill), used a sharp knife to cut a space in the book to fit your particular gun. With Glue sticks and a carefully cut fabric to line the inside, it was really beautiful and useful. He also carefully chose a book that a particular person will read, e.g., he chose a cookbook for me and an airplane book for his dad. A neighbour got a patriotic book. You gotta be creative and save a bit of money. With the economy right now, I wouldn't mind being called a skint. As I always have a file of books down the floor near my desk, you wouldn't know that my spare gun and spare ammos are with and in it.
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