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    You are ABSOLUTELY right! on the other hand, they will send you magazine each month since you have already paid for it.....
    NRA offers self-defense insurance/$165 year covers up to $100.000 , $254/ 250.000 plus your home insurance usually covers up to $300.000 liability ( this is for civil law suit after talk to the agents)
    The best thing about homeowners insurance is that the "civil defense" is outside the limit of insurance. Buy an Umbrella. I would rather have a $1.3 million atty instead of a $300,000 atty. I do like the NRA coverage though. Strong organization.

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    Nice to live in Arizona. Justified shooting= Immunity from Civil lawsuits.
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    Yeah we really need in Oregon a good Stand your ground law that includes immunity from Civil lawsuits. Not likely to get that with this State Senate however.

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    If it is too good to be true, I would be hestitant although I have never received anything from anyone on these groups. I was informed at my CCW class to keep an attorney on retainer, one that deals in self defense shootings. I would imagine $300,000.00 would not cover a trial that may run into months depending on who and where you were at when you shot him as you may of hit an innocent by stander. Although I would check with your state attoney general on the group you selected to see if they are what they claim.
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    I too am getting pretty tired of the repeated hard-core marketing, with almost daily emails pushing the Shield program. In fact, I clicked the "Unsubscribe" button on the last one I received today. I am a member of Armed Citizen Legal Defense Fund primarily because of their coverage, and I figure I am intelligent enough to make my own choice about the USCCA Shield program without the constant barrage of insulting emails...
    I like the term insulting that you use. It is insulting to use this kind of marketing to someone who did say yes and subscribes to their product. At the same time I received this email I got another one from the USCCA with the title SHOCKING video: Fatal police shooting. Sounded great till I opened it and it started out with "first let me share a story about why you should purchase Defense Shield". And once again....I'm treated to a warm and fuzzy story of a small child who doesn't want to lose his daddy because he stopped the bad man. All designed to make me feel guilty (which I don't feel), and once again insult me.

  7. USCCA Experiance

    I also was a USCCA member for a couple of years but dropped my membership a year ago. Although I had initially found almost everything in the magazine of interest it seemed more and more space was being devoted to things like marksmanship weekends for $2-3K that you NEED to go to if you're serious about concealed carry. And then the CONSTANT emails to buy instructional and training DVD's (again if you don't you're irresponsible and not protecting your family). Then came the financial program you had to have because it was the only thing that will save you. Then the "Shield". What raised my suspicion right away was the teaser "guilt" emails but no cost given; that was a secret to be revealed later. What started out as about a $25-55 dollar a year membership has now morphed into a $125-300 membership. And if you don't buy it you're a bad person that doesn't care about your family and will rot in jail. Yes, T.S. is quite a salesman. I certainly don't blame anyone for wanting to protect themselves from prosecution in a self defense shooting but before purchasing anything that is a promise of "future" protection from T.S. you might want to do a little research or stick with the folks that have been around a lot longer.

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