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    I am really expecting the full 90 but I am still holding on that i am going to be a lucky one who gets it early. It feels like the last few weeks are taking longer than the first two months.

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    Mine took a little over the 90 days, but this was right after BO took office, so you know... :)
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  4. Exactly 95 days about 2 months ago, in the Greenville area. I called SLED to check on day 93 and voila, it had been mailed the day before.

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    90 days is still too long IMHO. SLED needs to take a few officers off the streets to get the permits processed quicker.

  6. SLED received my application on August 28, 2012 and I received my permit today, November 15, 2012, a toal of 78 days. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocergryan331 View Post
    Anyone have any recent account of how long the wait time is for their SC CWP? I'm expecting the full 90 but it's been 60 and I'm getting a little anxious.
    Wife just got hers this year.. took the full 90 almost to the day.
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  8. why 90 day's do they not have help, hire more people.. so It can be done faster...

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    Quote Originally Posted by runningrabbit747 View Post
    why 90 day's do they not have help, hire more people.. so It can be done faster...
    You're taking about SC. They should hire more gumment workers to take care of things. Really, in this economy? MORE Gov't. What's next, free cheese?
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