No more Alcohol for me
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Thread: No more Alcohol for me

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    No more Alcohol for me

    I was thinking the other day, Why would I want to drink a beverage that would force me to leave my firearm in my vehicle locked up and unloaded when that could be the time when I would need it the most. In the past I have consumed a fair share of alcohol but now, I plan and will carry everywhere that is legal so from this point on, NO MORE ALCOHOL. Anybody else decide this?

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    Me too

    I agree with you on this. Been waiting a long time.

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    Good choice, alcohol no matter how little you drink, and guns are not a good mix.

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    this is why my girlfriend has her permit as well. shes a non drinker so if i want to drink she gets the firearm. so for me its really a no lose stiuation, plus my chick can shoot, so i feel confident that if the situation comes up she will know what to do. also i dont drink to excess. if were out i might have a beer or 2 at most with my meal, but most of the time when we go out i wont drink.

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    Alcohol has ravaged my extended family on bolth sides, 3 of 4 Grandparents were alcoholics, notice I said were...they are all dead now. Hastened to their grave by alcohol. I recently watched my 52yo aunt die a slow death from liver failure, and now 2 of my three brothers suffer from alcoholism, one has sought treatment, only after his wife threw him out. He has 5 children that he was not allowed to see. Treatment is a day by day struggle. I choose to not drink, because of these reasons. In my younger days I could have easily gone the other way. Thank GOD I didn't.
    I am able to carry a firearm today, I believe because of my early choice to keep away from alcohol. I may have a beer or two at home with a friend over but that is it. My life is to important, and the ability to protect my family is worth more than anything to me. Way too much to loose. OK my rambling is over, alcohol and guns don't mix!!!

  7. I don't like feeling buzzed or high. When I have a drink it's always been to be polite or social. I've been known to sip the same drink for an hour or two, just add more ice.

    Now when my buds razz me to drink up I'll have a valid excuse.
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    I agree with you even if I don't drink often. I can't even finish a small bottle of Bud Lime. Drinking, driving and having a gun with you just doesn't mix. Here in Missou you can drink to your heart's content as long as you are in your own home and still have a gun. We have a good castle doctrine here.
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    Even before I thought of carrying, I avoided drinking away from home.

  10. No alcohol for me!!
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    It is my understanding that President George W Bush used to drink alot and gave it up for his family. I also understand he is still 'on the wagon'. No matter what you think of his policies you have to admire anybody who is 'on the wagon', especially a person in a high stress job as the presidency. I prefere being sober and ready than drunk or 'buzzed'. While I did have a drink of 50 year old scotch the day I turned 50, I prefere ice tea or diet Pepsi. Plus no risk of a DUI or hangover. By the way I used to drink alot in my younger years and one day a friend bet me I couldnt quit drinking for a year. I won the bet. Booze never really appealed to again and its been more than 30 years. As I said I have a drink once in awhile but its pretty rare. Guns plus booze equals STUPID! I may be dumb but Im not STUPID! Ill keep my guns and sobriety. You are boing the right thing. Congrats.

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