If and when it does happen are you prepared?
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Thread: If and when it does happen are you prepared?

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    If and when it does happen are you prepared?

    What are you doing to prepare yourself for a potentially life threatening encounter with a criminal? Specifically mentally & physically?

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    I take a weekly course called Handgun Martial Arts through Warrior School here in Tucson. It is the best, most effective training I have found for preparing to be ready in the event something unthinkable goes down. We practice rapid gun and target acquisition, shooting from various positions, shooting when wounded, shooting in a fluid situation, situational awareness and other practical skills. In Tucson, the unthinkable is obviously possible, so I am grateful that the training is available.

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    Sig 1911, martial arts will more than prepare you mentally and physically. I was into martial arts over 40 years ago and still rely on my training frommthat even though I'm now in a wheel chair I'm always preparing myself.
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    As far as physical....practice, practice, practice. I try to hit the range at least once a week. I have 2 guns I use for CCW and I want to know how each reacts...recoil, trigger pull, sound, etc. I also unload and do draw practice regularly.

    Mentally, I am trying to be more aware of my surrounding and the people around them. I go through mock scenarios in my head and review different ways of handleing them. Odds are it will never happen to me, but I want to be as ready as possible if it does.

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    No one is mentaly ready to be involved in a shoot out. It will just jump out and bite you in the ass when you least expect it. You can only practice with the weapon that you carry so that you will react from memory and not have to think beyond if you are right or wrong in droping the hammer. If you have to think about it beyond this point then you are most likely already dead and just don't know it yet.

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    Sgtbill has a great point. 9 times out of 10, whatever you've mentally reviewed doesn't matter because it's usually what you LEAST expect. Perps aren't going to give you a chance to think. So, the best thing you can do is be familiar with your weapon, your surroundings, and yourself. Don't let something stupid be the reason you're on the afternoon news. You don't want to go to the grocery store and wind up dead because you "didn't feel like carrying." Also, don't let these scenarios control your life. If you live running scared of what "might" happen, you usually end up nervous and paranoid. Keep your head clear and try to avoid letting fears run your life. A gun and a permit is a good tool to have and should be carried just like a wallet or keys (a part of your everyday regime), but at the end of the day it's the man upstairs' decision of whether you get home or not, regardless of training. So, be prepared, don't run scared, and happy shooting.

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    I would like to think that I, Would be Ready if and when it happens.I pray to God that it never happens..

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