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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonbreath View Post
    I happen to know that surveys can be rigged to get just about any result desired, by the way the questions are worded, so what study yielded those stats? Armed and Considered Dangerous: A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms (Social Institutions and Social Change) (9780202305424): Peter H. Rossi, James Wright: Books

    Armed and Considered Dangerous: A Survey of Felons and Their Firearms (Social Institutions and Social Change)
    By Peter H. Rossi and James Wright

    "...the most comprehensive review of gun control research yet published." -- Contemporary Sociology

    "This exhaustive, uncompromising review on weapons, crime, and violence is perhaps the only book worth reading on the issue." -- San Francisco Chronicle
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonbreath
    As to the real-world evidence, mine came from personal experience and from the personal experiences of other officers with the Jacksonville, FL, Police Dept.. And to me, those actual experiences are a lot more real than any survey answers!
    And you really think that Florida law enforcement is not biased against open carry?
    VPC Hearts FL Open Carry Smear Campaign | The Truth About Guns

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonbreath
    But I'm biased toward NOT pushing the bad guy down the road to victimize somebody else - I'd rather sucker him out into the open and then blow his ass away!
    I wonder how many concealed carry only folks have the hope that they can be the judge, jury and executioner IF they are attacked and the opportunity presents itself. I would rather not put myself and my family through the trauma of the attack, the defensive shooting, and then the legal repercussions. Why would I put concern for a stranger over concern of what would happen to my family if I had to shoot someone? I carry my gun to protect my family from violent action, whether that violent action is a criminal attack - or a violent defensive shooting.
    Very well put

  3. The best thing I have found for this is carrying in front. "Appendix" When you aren't gonna do much sitting then this is ideal. It allows for a very quick draw and it's surprisingly comfortable. Wearing a tshirt you still wont print.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocergryan331 View Post
    Is printing legal with a cwp in SC? I have heard that it is and that it isn't.
    I seem to recall an instruction on the aplication saying, "Please Print".

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    I just it my CWP and started caring my Glock 23 with a Desantis IWB sof tuk holster at 5 o'clock. It's a little bulky but doesn't prit hardly at all. I was wearing a polo shirt and thats it. Thanks for all the input.

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