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Thread: Favorite music working against me?

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    Of course you'll automatically begin to prefer songs with lyrics involving firearms, such as Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns, & Money", Skynyrd's "Gimme 3 Steps", Ronstadt's "Carmelita", etc.

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    [QUOTE=Profisher777;207020] I ask this becasue I enjoy listening to alot of heavy metal, metalcore, screamo, death metal, you name it. It does not make me more aggressive, but I feel people could view me in a way that I am out to fight or whatever.

    I have no idea how music might effect your mood or demeanor, however, if you were loudly playing that stuff around me, I'm afraid it would definitely change mine. I don't usually get upset unless the music (?) is excessively loud. People in cars are especially bad about their loud music rattling windows five cars away and their car just sits there and vibrates. It would be very difficult "getting in" to your music and trying to be aware of your surroundings Also, an elephant could slip up on you while listening to that stuff!!

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    The question is, valid, the answer is yes. a prosicuting attorny would use whatever they could find to help support the case they are trying to build against you. By your actions you control what people think of you. Be the kind of person you would be proud to know. Live your life in a way so you like the person you see in the mirrior every morning. Always remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you and you will have impressed enough people in your life to counter the prosicuter's outlandish claims...
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    I have two words for you...

    Barry Manilow

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    Over thinking it dude! What your actions are and how you act are what judges you, not your music.

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    Thank you for all the imput. I try not to listen to my music too loud, but I am aware that listening to it could put me in the white zone alert level. I have the tendency to space out when listening to music and then I am not aware of my surroundings. On the topic of people judging me for my taste in music, I believe people who didnt know me and my personality could base judgements on me based off of what I listen to, but people who know me could confirm that I am not an agressive person. I just dont want some prosecuter saying im some crazy metal-head that carries a firearm looking for a fight. I guess the best answer based off the responses could be lowering the volume of the music, let people judge me off my actions, and be considerate of others.

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    Post #9: My suggestion is to load a couple of Pat Boone tracks onto you MP3 player and be listening to those when the police arive. ;-)

    The Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30, by Sergei Rachmaninoff is probably another good choice without making you vomit.
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    Like it or not you will be judged on first impressions by most people. Music, dress, attitude, hair style all make a difference. If you don't fit into the surroundings of the area you live in you will stick out like a sore thumb and will be judged accordingly.
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    Its so odd, I was just wondering the same thing on my drive home from work yesterday. Although, music has its affects on some people, while others not so much. This is a tough idea to think about.
    Some posts had great points as well; whats next? the movies or tv shows we watch?
    Honestly, as much as a lawyer my try to burn you with such ideas, I personally do not care. That is what cross examination is for. Nonetheless, with all our minds set aside, if you sat on a jury, and was presented a case where Person A attacked(or made very aggressive motions to) towards Person B(CCW) and Person B defended himself/herself...Id like to think the music or w/e is irrelevant. Facts will be presented in these cases(that's assuming it even makes it to trial).
    I personally just tell myself that if I am in fear of my life or limb...the last thing I'm going to ask myself is "oh i hope the lawyers don't find my music stash." We have enough to worry about without having the little things adding to the pile.
    All that set aside, it is a great topic to discus for sure, when it boils down to the point...just be smart about your choices and the rest will fall in line.

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    Music "affecting" people is an excuse, plain and simple. Listening to music does not affect the way people act or what they do. Unless of course there some subliminal content to it. Look at the types of cartoons and toys we all had growing up...Were fine. I had toy guns there were all metal with working actions, Unlike the cheap neon green crap kids play with today which people still blame on violence. Ridiculous.

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