Favorite music working against me?
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Thread: Favorite music working against me?

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    Favorite music working against me?

    I have been thinking about this quite a bit in the last few days. Does my taste in music need to change if I am going to carry all the time? I ask this becasue I enjoy listening to alot of heavy metal, metalcore, screamo, death metal, you name it. It does not make me more aggressive, but I feel people could view me in a way that I am out to fight or whatever. I just have the concern that if I were to defend myself, that the prosecuter could say that with my taste of music, I was an aggressive person or the music made me act in a way to be more agressive. Is this a valid fear, or am I just overthinking WAY to much?

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    Legit, want to hear what people have to say about this...then what about shows, games, or movies we watch? Could they be used as well?

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    I take it you are asking about whether a prosecutor might try to use the fact that you like to listen to metal music to paint a picture for the jury that you are violent and that your actions were not reasonable under the circumstances if you shoot someone and claim self-defense. I am not a prosecutor, but as a lawyer, I would say that lawyers generally leverage facts they believe are helpful to their case, so you might have a valid concern.

    But here's a more tangible concern you might want to consider. Carrying demands constant awareness. If you are listening to loud music and off somewhere in your head, it's likely you're deep in the white zone, and may miss important information in your environment. Plus, you may lose your hearing if you listen to it for too long (whoops - just slipped into mom mode :)

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    I think ur safe. Ur hearing my not be. But i think for that to be a valid issue you would also have to have a history of aggression or violence. Something you say or have said in the past or having a rep for violent or aggressive talk would have a higher probability of working against you. But Sig1911 has a good point regarding awarness. Something to consider.

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    And oh...wear an earplug. Not everyone like your kind of music especially if it is too loud.
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    Is that a serious question?

    Whats next, horror fans shouldnt carry? What about action flicks? Lotta killing in those.

    No of course your personal taste in art does not make you a killer. From one metal head to another, rock on!

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    Your Music, Clothes, Etc. Etc Does not Define you. What makes someone an responceble Person, Is how we Represent ourselves.You can not Sterotype someone based on the Cover. If you are truly happy with who you are.Then it will show and people will except you, for you. And the ones that dont,To Hell with them. I'm 47 years old and I listen to Metallica, Aerosmith, Guns & Roses,Ozzy you get the point. I've been Carrying for over 20 years and, have never been Judged for my Music.

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    "As the modes of music change, so do the morals of the people."

    Rephrasing Aristotle.

    Music absolutely affects how you feel. So does all media--written, televised, etc. If you watch sad movies, you get sad. If you watch scary movies, you get anxious. That's kind of the point, isn't it? If these things didn't effect us, what would be the point in engaging with them?

    I listen to loud, aggressive music when I'm feeling angry, then if I want to change my mood, I'll follow up with something mellow.

    But the same isn't true for all people. Your mood will be affected, but not in the same way mine will be. So if you don't feel like your music is making you angry or aggressive, don't worry about it.

  10. It may not be right, but people will make judgments on your clothing, hair, music, car and every thing about you. You can't be too concerned about all this, but you do need to keep it in mind.
    My suggestion is to load a couple of Pat Boone tracks onto you MP3 player and be listening to those when the police arive. ;-)
    Or get a better taste in music... just kidding I won't judge your music and you don't judge mine. ABBA rules!

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    I guess by watching TV shows like NCIS, NCIS LA, Law & Order all categories, Justified, etc. will make me more aggressive. NOT, love the shows but I'm still aware of my responsibilities as a firearms owner. I remember years ago a lady in Oakland, PRK, was a die hard Raiders fan, when they lost a playoff game she shot her TV and then throwing salt on the wound she was arrested for discharging a firearm within city limits. I guess if you are a fan of a team you better lock up your firearms.
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