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Thread: DIY Home made IWB holsters, kydex/leather hybrid

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    Great thread here. I've been looking for a lower price IWB holster like this. I may have to give the Cleveland Holster a try? Thank you for this thread.
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    I have one of cleveland's holsters. I have nothing but great things to say about it. Well, one thing, I need bigger pants!! I guess the gun added too much to my SLIM waistline!! Seriously, I am completely pleased with the holster. My jeans are a bit tight wearing it, but they were a bit tight to begin with. I will just add one inch to my waist size next time I purchase jeans. I wear the holster with shorts and I actually don't notice the gun there except for the pressure of it, and that is very minimal. I have not tried the crossbreed, mainly due to economics. I do plan to buy one and compare them to clevlands. Bobby was very informative, very helpful and very prompt. Give one a try, for the dollars, I think you will be very satisfied. I am.

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    Thanks for the feedback!
    We give away a free holster every month on our Facebook page!

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    For those of us that are not clever at all:
    or 2nd choice
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    But you have the right idea and you obviously ARE a clever type...LOL

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    Since this thread was brought back up, here is what they currently look like:

    DIY Home made IWB holsters, kydex/leather hybrid-holster.jpg

    I flipped the kydex over, that cuts down on holster wear. I removed the kydex from under the trigger guard so you don't scrape your finger when you grab the pistol. I now also offer a cut version and a horsehide option too.

    Here is a link to more pics and styles available:
    IWB Ugly Holsters

    Just because I am making them for sale now doesn't mean I wont help you with your project if you need help. I learned from a member right here on this board and would be happy to share the info!
    We give away a free holster every month on our Facebook page!

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    Well done Sir. It's nice to see someone post in honesty and earnest. Good luck to you. "LIKE"

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    I've had my Cleveland's Holster for about 2 months now and it is doing well. It's
    comfortable to wear and durable. I bought the horse hide and couldn't be more
    happier with the whole holster. When I get a new carry gun, I will definitely purchase another holster from Bobby! Thanks Bobby!
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    Good job!

    You could also sell your pattern to others with a "How To" instructional sheeting...
    Or even sell the complete kit and allow the customer to complete it themselves.

    Where did you get your belt clips.

  10. This is by far the best IWB holster I've seen! I've never seen one that completely keep's the butt of the gun from touching skin.I would buy several of these! Great Idea!1

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