best iwb for ruger sr9
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Thread: best iwb for ruger sr9

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    best iwb for ruger sr9

    can anyone tell me whats the best iwb holster for a ruger Sr9. Tried leather and thinner holsters. looking for something that doesnt poke out on the side too far out and is comfortable.

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    Try the king tuk

  5. iwb for sr9

    I second the crossbreed

  6. 1.) Fist-Inc
    2.) High Noon Holsters

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    #1 Kholster, half the price of crossbreed and usually less than half the wait. Alot more adjustable for both ride height and cant. Trimming/Dyeing does not void your lifetime warranty.
    #2 Whitehat MaxTuck, another Hybrid but with multiple options as far as leather finish, kydex colors and patterns and you can change out the Kydex for another gun if you want so you don't have to buy more holsters.
    #3 Galco KingTuk, nice because you can buy them at a store but the ONLY thing I don't like about them is they put smooth leather on the inside which doesn't work well with sweat on bare skin.

    Keep in mind, SR9's aren't small guns, how are you currently carrying? What type of holster and at what position and cant? MOST IWB's try to keep as thin as possible. My M&P40 (full size) hides completely in my Kholster. Some of it is how and not what you carry.
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