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Thread: That's it, from now on I am carrying whenever I can and thats almost always

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    Basically ^^^THIS^^^

    Although, there are occasions where drawing may be necessary; and shooting is NOT warrented. I think having the minset, to "draw" -- means to "SHOOT", can get you into real trouble and shows lack of "proper" training.

    (No "offense" meant. BUT! Different situations call for different actions.)

    There are many, MANY more instances where "drawing" (or begining to draw), a weapon was the only thing required to STOP a threat. In contrast, actual instances where shooting someone was required are few and far between.

    The number #1 goal is a self-defense situation is to: STOP the threat!

    Shooting is ALWAYS the LAST resort. But, revealing you have a weapon and are willing to defend yourself may be required in a dangerous SD situation.


    In the OP situation the victim failed on two counts:

    ONE= In SA, he should have been more "Aware" and "avoided" stopping in the area if possible. "Defensive" driving techniques may have helped him here.

    (Timing driving speed to avoid stopping at traffic lights and keeping an "escape" route open would've definitely helped.)

    TWO= Preparation, the car doors should have been "LOCKED"!

    He did have a weapon and a means of escape at his disposal. But, failure to plan a prepare lead to BGs selecting him as a victim. I also think having a firearm close at hand may have helped him as well.
    There was a concept that was explained, taught, and drilled at Front Sight... Draw and come to the ready with the shouted command "STOP OR I"LL SHOOT!!"... That extra step could make the difference in your defense. The witness that may not have seen all of the events leading up to the shooting, but remembered hearing you shout the above once maybe twice...
    It indicates that you gave the assailant the option to stop without being shot. If that action stops the assault, even better...

    They also discussed the Color Code of Mental Awareness.

    The Color Code of Mental Awareness - All Military

    Try to dwell in yellow as often as possible when conscious...
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    In 1992, I went to Houston for some business at the space center. That's the first time I ever saw a McDonald's with an armed security staff and bars on the windows.

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    Carry safe and carry often my friend.

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