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I sent for my Florida permit on 4/13/11, on 6/9/11, I received notice that I needed to send in another set of fingerprints, I sent them in on the same day 6/9/11. My first set of fingerprints were taken at a Sheriff's office in Florida, the second from a Sheriff's jail in Wisconsin. The second set was no better than the first.
I've talked to two people that have Florida permits, both had to send in a second set of prints (I guess old people have poor prints). One got his permit in 3 months, the other 11 months.

I'm still waiting!!!!

Good luck on yours.
As stated above, I sent my second set of fingerprints back on 6/9/11, they received them 6/13/11, permit was issued 6/22/11 and I received my permit on 6/27/11. Total time about 2 1/2 months.