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    I as well have a private pilots license and do alot of bush flying. Everytime I'm on my way out to the bush for a camping or fishing trip I open carry right through the FBO. They've never had a problem with it at all since the FBO is private property and I have a good raport with the staff and owner.

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    Private airports... I carry all the time in commercial airports and you are legit as long as you do not pass a TSA check point, so no TSA no check point, you are good to go (not a legal opinion just common sense).

    And yes I have CC'd in my friends plane while flying out of private airports multiple times, also I have OC'd at the same (private) airports and in the hanger as well....
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    My question is what they consider secure? Is that a TSA designator or is a sign on a chainlink fence that says "secure area" ?
    I subscribe to the concept that they must overtly prohibit weapons beyond a certain point and have a check point to enforce it.

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    Additionally, a Texas DPS officer who is a friend of mine, found out I was going to be flying through Arizona in our small plane--he told me of several case where druggies who plane-jack people on the ramps of small airports and steal their aircraft. My friend told me I should have a gun in the cockpit and ready.

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    According to Arkansas Law, no permit holder shall carry "Inside the passenger terminal of any airport, except that no person is prohibited from carrying any legal firearm into the passenger terminal if the firearm is encased for shipment for purposes of checking the firearm as baggage to be lawfully transported on any aircraft;" Always check th local regs.

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    It sounds as if you are the pilot. Don't the commercial pilots carry now? It also sounds as if you don't fly out of a jetport. No commercial passenger jets, no tsa, no secured area. In AK we can't carry in the secured area of an airport. So, I can carry when I take my wife to the check-in counter but I can't follow her through security. Airports with no security are not a problem. I am not a pilot but when I chartered to go hunting I had no problem with open carry. I would want to make sure that my CCW covered any State that I flew into or that I flew into a constitutional carry State.

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    As I understand it, and if you're talking general aviation, there are no more security concerns then traveling in your own car(except for filing a flight plan). You don't have to go through airport security to get to your own acft. You still must comply with local and state laws where ever you go.

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