Concealed Carry at the airport
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Thread: Concealed Carry at the airport

  1. Concealed Carry at the airport

    I haven't researched this yet but...

    I fly small airplanes out of the local airport. It's a small airport (Class D during the day) that has no security checkpoint. The main security is to stop at the service counter and say hi. They will casually ask you where you are headed today and what airplane you are flying.

    My question is, can/should I carry to the plane? There are other entry points that will allow me to walk right thru to the plane without seeing anyone.

    Thanks for the thoughts/feeback

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    Being that its an airport and there is little security I can definately see a need to carry. But it is an airport. And unless you put your pistol in a luggage bag as you would flying normal commercial flights as a passenger, I wouldn't do it. Not worth the risk of getting caught with a firearm on your person at an airport. That's totally just how I would handle it. I have no idea what laws and regs would affect your question.

  4. Does the airport have sign at the entrance prohibiting guns? If not, I would carry.

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    I believe there is no issue as long as you are not trying to clear customs(government prosperity).

    I think the key here is the "security zone" at a passenger terminal.

    It seems to be just like driving a car. As a controller in south Florida I can see issues with adiz zones but I don't know where u are

    Don't just take my word. Check local/federal law.

  6. I fly out of Hartford, CT and there are no signs. I'll research the laws and post back

  7. Unless it's posted you should be alright..also idk if this applies to the smaller airports you speak of but im pretty sure now a days captains are supposed to have a firearm in the cockpit anyways..

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    Hubby and I carry all the time when we go places to attend regional fly-in events, and usually they are private/semi public airports so no need to inform anyone. The only place we can't carry before is at the EAA Oshkosh Airventure (Wisconsin) and of course Illinois. But that will change soon I hope...when the legislation for carrying over there is finalized. Next year our national convention will be here at our airport. I am sure that some of our 800-member strong will be carrying but we do not care. Most small airports are safe --
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    I had to stop wearing my CCW badge at the GSP airport because I kept setting off the metal detectors. Maybe I need a "tactical" polymer CCW badge.

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    Colorado State law specifically says no carry of a weapon even with a permit in the "secured area of an airport". Here it is legal to carry into the rental car counter or even the ticket counter, but if you are proceeding past the security checkpoint, then you have to check the weapon in your checked luggage.

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  11. My understanding (for Ohio) is that airport terminals are considered secure, but FBOs and GA ramp space is not. So, in theory it's no problem to carry on a personal airplane if you stick to those areas. However, all the small airports I fly in/out of in Ohio all seem to be posted at the ramp AND FBO entrances. :-(

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